OMG Fashun…OMG Latex?

We have surely seen enough television broadcast competition shows to last us a lifetime.

New Superman Couture

In the same universe, but over on the comic book side of things, Power Girl received a couture update in official art this week.

Dressing Up For The Last Dinner Party

But when one looks at (and listens to) The Last Dinner Party, it is impossible not to notice their sartorial panache.

Caroline Wozniack Is Blue

Wozniacki has played with and enjoyed her sense of sartorial style off the court as well, appearing at award show appearances in sexy sparkly gowns as much as for Sports Illustrated swimsuits. This lady tennis star proves that there really are so many ways we can all look great in the clothes we wear, no matter where we wear them and what they are made of.

The 2023 Met Gala

And while stars like Halle Bailey, Karen Elson, Rita Ora, and surely Rachel Brosnahan went with the naked dress look, the absolute winner in showing themselves off has to be Lil Nas X.

Shania Twain IS Dreaming Of The 80’s

The 57-year-old country/pop crossover diva, known for quite an array of incredible wardrobe choices in her videos (and some quite sexy), dons a wide array of wild, colorful couture here reminiscent of MTV’s heyday.

You can’t Keep A Good Costume Down

It might ‘only’ ever be seen in a game, or not ever seen at all (so far) but be it made of latex, PVC leather, or carry a hint of steampunk even about it, there is no keeping a good cosplayer’s dream costume down.

Torture Garden Los Angeles

The year’s LA TG event is being held at the historic Globe Theatre and will feature performers coming in from spots around the globe, international DJs, and plenty of space for the attended to meet and compare…outfits.

Going Batty For Zoë Kravitz

The actress who plays Catwoman in the new movie was dressed in a bespoke Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, sporting super sexy Bat-Signal-like cutouts over her breasts.

House Of Gucci

The film is directed by Ridley Scott and features Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino, and an unrecognizable Jared Ledo.

Oh Madonna Say It isn’t so…photoshopped?

Adopting pretty much the same pose, in precisely the same outfit, Goldie realized The Material Girl had simply taken Goldie’s picture and pasted her head over Goldie’s! Goldie shared the photo on her own Instagram in 2017, saying,” Two years today since queen @madonna used a photo of me on her Instagram with her face photoshopped onto it. Still, the best/weirdest/funniest thing to ever happen to me.’

Taking to the “Streets” with DoJo Cat

Doja Cat takes the popular TikTok silhouette challenge to the extreme, wearing a combination of latex, lace, and leather in her new “Streets” video. The song from her Hot Pink album released two years ago gets a full steamy treatment in this new video directed by Christian Breslauer and starring actor Kofi Siriboe.

deaccessioning The MET

Whether this deaccessioning will act as a salve on the open wound of low attendance (or no attendance) due to social distancing rules or something institutions like the MET become all too dependent on, no one knows.

mourning Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman, known for starring in the movies, 42, Get on Up and of course, playing King T’Challa in Black Panther, died this week at the age of 43

Fetishizing The Clothes and Cars of Batman’s Universe

A delicious amount of dark action, latex, PVC, leather wardrobe tropes, and a fair amount of vehicle fetishizing was unleased on us this week. All from the wonderful world of Batman. First, Warner Brothers are streaming their The Batmobile documentary across Youtube this week. The film features five of Batman’s cars through the years, wiith an especially …


Dawnamatrix In Tokyo: 2020-Part 2

Not that we managed any latex creating while in Tokyo, still, as I explained in our last blog, this trip to Japan was as wonderful as any other I have managed to Asia. In part 1, I mentioned how incredible the food is in Japan. Below you see me with a friend enjoying a freshly-made …


Beyoncé & Topshop

Dawnamatrix supporter Beyoncé is not the only modern-day performer to partner with/create a fashion label or dabble in accessories. Less we forget Rihanna working with River Island, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes’ “Material Girl” selling at Macy’s; the list of pop and fashion working business models and creating brands together grows daily. In fact, it seems these days one isn’t a pop singer or famous personality without, at the very least, supporting or hawking for a couture label, creating a new collection with a fashion designer or developing a whole new brand.