Torture Garden Los Angeles

Torture Garden, one of the premier latex, PVC, fantastically-dressed event coordinator brands, is holding their Torture Garden Los Angeles party next week, Saturday, September 10th, at 9:30.

Even the most casual alternate fashion fan has probably heard of TG’s icon fetish faithful get-togethers, their famous London parties, their presence across the globe, and the overall history of the brand.

Launched in London in 2002 by former Skin Two & House of Harlot manager Kaisu Paakkola, the fashion brand was set to explode and offer even something more unique to a section of the fashion world already set off by itself. But Kaisu tragically died shortly after designing & producing his first collection before his fashion show launch at the Skin Two Rubber Ball, and Florence Druart took the reigns. She spearheaded the label as creative director in 2008 and, taking over Torture Garden in 2016 as both owner & creative director, made Torture Garden into the global superstar it is today.

And in all that time, whether one enjoys dressing in steampunk couture, various uniforms, or “Berlin Kabaret,” they are welcome into the garden. 

That ‘dressing-up’ and attention to sartorial detail is what sets a Torture Garden event apart from most others. In addition to the aforementioned steampunk or Berlin mid-30s couture, the strict dress code here includes leather, latex, “masked ball,” corsets, burlesque, uniforms, “fantasy dress, Venice carnival, “artistic nudity,” costume play, and plenty more. And while guests wearing jeans will be turned away (and really, who would even think to wear jeans to a gathering like this?), those in black tie and masks won’t.

The year’s LA TG event is being held at the historic Globe Theatre and will feature performers coming in from spots around the globe, international DJs, and plenty of space for the attended to meet and compare…outfits.

Find tickets here.

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