Kardashians, Jenners and A Miami Mistress

Accessorizing with short boots, a black clutch, and black sunglasses, Jenner looked super stylish attending the bar mitzvah of her nephew Mason Disick.

Kylie Swim

Kylie is in good company…with her famous brood, in fact. Khloé Kardashian’s Good American brand sells suits, and just last week, Kim Kardashian seemingly confirmed she’d be getting into creating swimwear as well.

Bieber, Jenner, Ruensumran & The Met

When it comes to the world of lace, leather, lingerie, and certainly latex stylings, we are forever on the hunt for interesting news.

Cardi B is “WAP”ing The World

Super sexy latex bodysuits, fountain statues shooting water from their breasts, and a controversial Kylie Jenner cameo; Cardi B’s “WAP” video seems to be the cultural phenomena that keeps on giving. Earning accolades as the highest streaming debut of 2020, the song going gold in its first week, and giving Cardi B the distinction of …


Dissecting The Sexy Fashions, Lyric and Look Of Cardi B’s “WAP”

As mentioned in our last blog, we will explore all the latex couture, candy-colored bodysuits, animal prints, bouncing décolleté, golden sculptures of butts and breasts, and guest stars in Cardi B’s new video for her song “WAP.” The Colin Tilley-directed clip opens with the camera taking us through a gate and past naked female ‘fountains’ …


Who Came First, Kylie Jenner or…?

It would be too easy to quip, ‘Who came first?’ Or that Kylie has ‘egg on her face.’ But bigger questions loom, (or might): Does a picture of an egg beating out a picture of a celebrity’s baby in Instagram views speak, in some way, to current online behavior? Or is the very fact that this has all become news (and we are blogging about is) speak to an even deeper malady over how we are all swept up in the mundane?

What You-Know-Who Is Wearing For Halloween 2018

Beyoncé revealed herself across Instagram recreating Tony Braxton’s cover for Braxton’s first official single “Another Sad Love Song.” Dressed in white tee, short black wig, Beyoncé made the perfect “Phoni” Braxton, as she titled the picture. Having just shown up at the Twisted Tales Unicef event in London, Rita Orr made quite a bit of buzz in a leggy blac

Kylie In Latex…Again

Last week Kylie Jenner stepped out in West Hollywood in a skin tight latex dress. The tightness of the ensemble was most noted—reporter Lauren Adhav in a Cosmopolitan piece claims it was the tightest latex dress she has ever seen—but as we all know, just about squeezing into our alternate wardrobe pieces is so the point, and such the tactile delight, of wearing what we wear.

Fashion Friendly Ocean’s 8

In the previous teasers and posted snapped shots from the production of the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie, we have seen so much fashion. Not simply cinema wardrobe but the band of merry (all women) thieves in this movie are fashionably appointed and the plot is set right in the middle of the fashion universe; the ladies manage their main heist at the Met Gala. As reported so far, the haute couture cameos in this movie are plenty. Kim Kardashian was spotted on set wearing a sheer white Givenchy, her sister Kendall Jenner in Elie Saab, Kylie Jenner in a velour tracksuit, and Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Wintour all set to make appearances as well.

The Jenner T-Shirt Faux Pass

From their Kendall + Kylie clothing collection, the famous Jenner sisters attempted to release what they were calling “vintage” music t-shirts this week. The ladies took to superimposing their K&K logo or their faces (and in some cases, bikini shots) over classic album cover art and music star images. Using pictures from The Notorious B.I.G., Metallica, Led Zeppelin and many more, the sisters received a huge backlash this week when they revealed their latest attempt at hip haute couture across Instagram.

Interview Magazine and Dawnamatrix, 4th Times A Charm

Alongside gloves from Balenciaga, Tiffany & Co. necklace and bracelets, and top by Tome, all on model Sarah Brannon we are once again thrilled to be part of Interview magazine. See the magazine page here https://www.interviewmagazine.com/fashion/full-throttle/

Making The Scene With A Magazine: 2015’s Top Fashionable Covers

The Kardashian/Jenner corporation made plenty of waves in print, as well as on the net (or one because/feeding the other): there was Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on the cover of and in Vanity Fair and Kylie Jenner posing for those controversial wheelchair “Interview” mag pics…in a photoshoot that saw her posed as the famous Hatstand/Table and Chair sculpture, as much as wearing some Dawnamatrix fantasy outfit accessories.

Dawnamatrix, Kylie Jenner and Interview Magazine pay homage to Hatstand, Table, and Chair

Photos of Kylie Jenner posing in bondage gear, lying in a box, being held in a rigid ‘chair like’ pose, certainly pay homage to Allen Jones infamous Hatstand, Table and Chair trio of erotic sculptures. As with lots that tickles our more prurient sensibilities (even if it be high art) Jones’ pieces were met with harsh criticism when exhibited in 1970-lots of feminists simply did not take well to women being portrayed as furniture-but have to come to be regarded as a high water mark of 60’s expression. Jones was even contacted by Stanley Kubrick at the time to contribute similar pieces to Kubrick’s soon-to-be-completed A Clockwork Orange (a high water mark for fetishists to be sure) but when no payment was offered Jones demurred, instead giving the famous director permission to expand on Hatstand, Table and Chair’s concept in his own Kubrick-ian furniture for the Korova Milk Bar scene in Clockwork.