Let’s Talk Latex Corsets

Hard as it is to ignore Kylie Jenner in the recently released Homme Girls Magazines Volume #9, it is equally provocative noticing all the latex she is wearing on the cover and inside the magazine. 

In photos shot by Ilya Lipkin for a shoot styled by Stella Greenspan, with an accompanying interview by Nicolaia Rips, Kontrol: It’s Kyle. You don’t need a last name, showcases the famous 25-year-old splendidlyJenner wears a leather trench, bras, and briefs in the piece, as well as is featured wearing two different latex designers…showing off lots of her arresting curves in a latex corset.

Ah, the latex corset; what can we say about this most versatile accessory?

Surely not to replace the classic corset but as an alternative or in addition to whatever style, textile, or couture you are sporting, this sexiest of items is worn by both ladies and men, serving the wearer long and true.

Quite frankly, there isn’t any other latex wardrobe piece that accentuates curves better. Posture-straightening, to be worn by itself or under other pieces of a fuller wardrobe (latex or not), form-fitting, and presently available in so many different colors, styles, and textures, the latex corset wins by a mile for fashion and comfort. 

Surely not the only celebrities wearing latex corsets (or latex, in general), the Jenners and Kardashians lead a healthy population of pro musicians, models, media influencers, reality stars, and the not-so-famous guy and girl sporting corsets on stage, in music videos and across consistently updated posted pics. And while you might catch any of our best and brightest (and not-so-famous guy or girl) in corsets made of a wide range of textiles, the deceivingly strong yet delicately designed latex corset provides just the right amount of compression in its waist-slimming, not to mention its incredible durability. 

As Kylie Jenner will tell you, nothing beats a latex corset.

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