CinemaCon 2023 Couture

One of the best and newest events to see latex couture, leather, and wild accessorizing—oh yeah, and some movie studio promoting—is CinemaCon. At this year’s opening night, “Photocall,” red carpet, and across plenty of panels, one might very well have said that it was, in many cases, a sure case of their upcoming movie roles influencing what the stars wore.

Jennifer Lawrence, pushing her latest sexy comedy, No Hard Feelings, was in an equally sexy black Versace mini. Warner Brothers, the studio behind Barbie (and many other new movies), saw their domestic and international distribution chief Jeff Goldstein and Andrew Cripps, respectively, jog onto the Barbie panel stage in bright pink suits. Barbie’s star, Margot Robbie, was seen on the red carpet in a two-piece pink-and-white checked skirt set, with her “Ken,” Ryan Gosling, wearing a pink jacket with a white T-shirt emblazoned with their new movie’s directors’ name across its front: “Greta Gerwig” in pink lettering. 

Timothée Chalamet, the latest Willy Wonka (and also starring in the upcoming Dune sequel), made as much a showing at the Photocall and a panel. He was seen at the paparazzi-press event wearing a full black leather Helmut Lang ensemble of pants, boots, and a vest (with a white T under). On his arm was Zendaya, at CinemaCon to promote Dune: Part Two, made one of the most startling couture entrances, in her Louis Vuitton waistcoat, sans back, and wide-legged trousers. 


She has been named L.V.’s latest brand ambassador. 

Sydney Sweeney wore an iridescent pink corset bodice with wide-legged pants, while Hailee Steinfeld wore her strapless red bodice dress accessorized with leather boots. She was wearing what is already an accessorizing trend, a black choker sporting a big flower appliqué.

And Shameik Moore sported a two-piece silk suit covered in colorful prints.

Of course, none of what anyone wears spins good or bad portents for these stars’ new movies. But it is nice to look at all these men and women dressed for CinemaCon 2023 as well as it will be watching them in their upcoming roles.

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