Chasing Freddie Mercury’s Pants

Beyond Christina Aguilera’s recent jumps into latex bodysuits, Lil Nas X’s naughty chaps, and even going back to the various on-stage styles of a David Bowie or a Prince (or even further back to Elvis and the Beatles), there was always the question of what Queen’s Freddie Mercury might wear on stage at any given time. From long flowing white or black tops with batwing sleeves to deep neckline tight ballet bodysuits to that infamous yellow and red military jacket currently making a statement in this Tache’ commercial for Amazon Prime, Queen’s front man never disappointed.

And less we forget Mercury’s leather ‘hotpants.’

As mentioned in the band’s bio, Queen: As I Began, “They didn’t leave much to the imagination.” Mercury could be seen wearing his tight and ever-so-small black leather shorts during tours in the early 80s, as well as most famously during the encore for Queen’s second sold-out night at the Birmingham Exhibition Centre in December of 1980. These shorts were just sold at auction to an overseas (overseas from the UK where they were being sold) for 18000 pounds or approx. $22,500. 

The shorts are part of over 1,500 items from Mercury’s private collection of costumes, objects, and previously unseen handwritten lyrics, all to be auctioned later this year. Pieces from this collection will be exhibited publicly in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and London, prior to the sale. This lot of stuff being sold has been allowed by Mary Austin, one of the Mercury’s closest friends. She has kept a close watch and has cared for the vast array Mercury’s items that, up until now, populated his former home, Garden Lodge since the singer’s death in 1991.

Surely, clothes don’t make the man (or woman), and no one song, style, or even a super sexy short pair of leather hot pants could ever be the last statement on Freddy Mercury. But just seeing those shorts again does remind one of what a unique talent, fantastically confident public figure, and a sure icon the man was.

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