Kylie Jenner Is Leading With Gloves

Be it latex, leather, or what she just posted she was wearing on Instagram—a tight dress made of metallic silver—as we have previously opined, Kylie Jenner and her famous clan so often take to wearing what even the most casual fashion fan would call alternative couture. From Kim Kardashian stepping out last November at the 2022 LACMA Art and Film Gala (to name one moment) in a black latex gown to Khloe Kardashian in a naughty black latex body suit, promoting her “Good American” line, to Kourtney Kardashian in bright yellow latex crop top and tight pants promoting her Lemme Purr gummies, these ladies are right in line with loving the textile we all do.

What made Kylie’s most recent look, though, and something we are ever aware of when it comes to a specific kind of accessorizing (and indeed what her other sisters have featured from time to time), were the attached gloves she wore with the aforementioned metallic gown.

As lovers of a specific kind of style and a particular textile, accessories like gloves can be ever so important with latex wear. 

A quick run around our site will land you on wristlets, wrist-length gloves, fingerless opera gloves, as well as those with fingers, most of our gloves available in textured and patterned latex materials. We even have Kimono sleeves, not technically gloves at all, but still, a very sexy accessory, to be sure, and also Sakura gloves.

The main thing to consider when accessorizing your couture, no matter what you are wearing, is picking something that speaks to you. These choices are as much a matter of taste as determining what wine, red or white, should go with your meal…regardless what wine experts say. That’s why any designer will have quite an array of gloves and other accessories for their clients to choose from, whether the client is ordering a bespoke outfit or something from a catalog.

Yes, in some instances, as Kylie Jenner knows, gloves might just be “the thing.”

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