Who Came First, Kylie Jenner or…?

We’ve certainly seen her in some latex wardrobe making news on the net. From her shoot in Interview magazine, recreating Allen Jones’ infamous Hatstand, Table and Chair (and which we contributed wardrobe too, see here) to the various times the lady has been seen sporting a latex dress or some other fantastic alternate wardrobe piece. But this week it seemed Kylie Jenner’s popularity was challenged by a …egg.
A picture of a brown egg surpassed Jenner’s world–record holding most-liked Instagram post this week. Kylie had earned the top spot with a startling 18 million likes for a picture she posted of her baby Stormi, on February 6, 2018. Earning 42 million likes, as of this writing, the new winner’s account was named @ world_record_egg and was indeed only a picture of a brown egg.
Then the Instagram feud began. Kylie posted a video of cracking an egg on an L.A. pavement. Eleven million people liked that video in five hours. And then others, celebs, and regular folks joined in the fun.
The egg photo was taken (though not posted in this case) by Sergey Platonov. Platonov is a stock photographer, has been working professionally at his craft for the past seven years and told Esquire he both has no idea who posted his photo or why it has gained all this spectacular attention
It would be too easy to quip, ‘Who came first?’ Or that Kylie has ‘egg on her face.’ But bigger questions loom, (or might): Does a picture of an egg beating out a picture of a celebrity’s baby in Instagram views speak, in some way, to current online behavior? Or is the very fact that this has all become news (and we are blogging about is) speak to an even deeper malady over how we are all swept up in the mundane?
Whatever the question, one answer is clear: Kylie Jenner is still quite an Instagramable lady and people seem to like eggs.

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