Fitting Well Is the Best Revenge: Adapting To The Adapt BB

We are all certainly aware of how a snug fit in a latex wardrobe piece is crucial to how good we look when we dress up. Fitting right in something formfitting is what we lovers of alternate couture are as much after as making sure we can maintain a good shine. This week Nike unveiled their new Adapt BB basketball sneaker, with not so much a shine as this is the first shoe of its kind to use technology to assure a perfect tight fit.

The $350.00 sneaker makes sounds, needs to be charged and has within it smartphone electronics. With a Qi wireless charger especially adapted for the BB, after the shoe undergoes a full few hours charging its built-in CPU and memory battery will last almost two weeks. When placing one’s foot into the Adapt BB, the sneaker automatically calculates the wearer’s foot ‘volume’ and closes to a tight fit. The wearer can then further create a better fit by either manipulating buttons on the side of the shoe (decidedly ‘old school’), or by using sliders on a Nike app, which scans a chip located in the shoe. Adjustments can be then made from a cell phone.

Beyond adapting the Adapt via a cell phone, the wearer can also choose to relay or receive data to and from Nike for updating personal shoe-wearing preferences. Numerous ‘fits’ can be then stores in one’s account, and Nike claims downloadable updates will be coming in the future.

Implementing the smart into Smart Clothing, as well as many other technological advances, are at the forefront of sport’s wear as well as haute couture. For what Dawnamatrix creates, we couldn’t do without the latest in colors and fabric, laser cutting and all the other ways we benefit from the latest in fashion technology.

As Nike says in their press release: “Shoelaces: you had a good run. But we think we may have finally bettered you.”

To our way of thinking, fitting better is better for everyone, no matter what one is fitting in.

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