Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio strutted into the proceedings wearing a slithery body-hugging brushed silver metallic latex gown.

Kristin Juszczyk Highly Visible Fashion Moment

Taylor Swift, who we all know is dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs (another 2024 Superbowl hopeful), has been seen, and seen plenty on camera during the broadcast, in Kristin’s couture.

Looking At 2023 Fashions-Part 1

ndeed, there were stunning latex turns this year; we promise we’ll get to them. But there were many other interesting and sometimes completely alt. couture moments that we all saw…and might not have believed.

Blackpink At 7

Taylor Swift might be celebrating her ‘eras,’ but did you know that K-pop group Blackpink celebrates the 7th anniversary of their debut this week; music, alt. couture, and indeed some latex wardrobe all feature in their unprecedented ascendency.

Taylor Moves Swiftly Through Some Amazing Couture

In light of all this recent Swiftian news, we might see it as ironic that it’s just been announced that Kayne West has been dropped by Adidas over some remakes, he said and has been showing across what he has worn.

2021 GRammy’s Couture

The NCOSE said that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of “WAP” at the Grammy’s “….could have been cut from a hardcore pornography film” and also “…contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping.” Maybe they didn’t like the huge stiletto on stage or the bed, or what Cardi and Mega Thee Stallion did on that bed.

Halloween Costumes for 2019

Beyond Yandy (which we will spin back to in a second), there are lots of new Halloween costume choices of which to partake. According to Pinterest’s yearly round-up, the #1 couple costume of the year is anything but sexy.

2019 VMAs Fashions

Taylor Swift came in a colorful and diamond jeweled Versace blazer and black Christian knee-high boots, Halsey managed to sneak in a black waist cincher in the middle of her open dress. And as we have come to expect, Queen Latifah showed-off her usual wardrobe class in a sedate yet sexy Sergio Hudson orange suit.

Taylor Swift Plays Fashionably With Her Reputation

A pop star need be forever challenging both their music and style and Taylor Swift seems to have been able to reinvent herself time and again, change music styles from country to pop to even sprinkling in some rap and she’s wearing some great stuff doing it.

Katy Perry Feeds The Hand That Feeds

One expects a VMAs host to be entertaining and even outrageous. With Katy Perry at the helm for this year’s show, home viewers as well as the famous in-house audience members had to expect wild (and many) wardrobe choices from the hostess. And Katy Perry did not disappoint with her haute couture array, as she surely paid homage to the medium the VMAs were built on and are broadcast from.

The Future Is Not ‘Exactly’ Now @ The 2016 Met Gala…But Miss Bey Was In Latex!

ABC-TV news announcers wondered over Beyoncé latex gown and how she kept cool in it, as Miss Bey topped the dressers at the Met Gala at the beginning of the week. With co-host Taylor Swift “Goin’ Goth” in mostly black thigh-high strappy sandals and a silver mini and Zayn Malik sporting silvery faux robot arms, lots of celebs were attempting dress to the “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” theme of the night. While others, notably Beyoncé, went her own way…in a stunning latex fashion design.

Jessica Rabbit Is Alive And Well…Thanks to Heidi Klum

Surely other celebrities sported some fine costumes…some bought, some made. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson dressed as Christie Brinkley’s character and Clark Griswold respectively from the National Lampoon Vacation. Fashion designer/T.V. reality celeb Nicole Richie stepped out as the spooky The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington. And Taylor Swift fashioned herself as Olaf from Frozen. But all these celebs and even the most adept cosplayer would have to go far to beat Heidi Klum this year.

Taylor Swift Takes Another Step To Make Our Latex Couture Mainstream

This year’s VMA’s certainly won’t be the first time that latex clothing has played a part in the show’s proceedings. Dawnamatrix was involved in last year’s Video Music Awards (see here) and proud of it. But this year does mark the first time that world-renown kinky toy store “The Stockroom” lent a hand in ‘dressing’ a nominated video from a major pop star (in this case Taylor Swift). In Swift’s “Bad Blood” latex couture as well as a goodly amount of guns and slowmo female derring-do is widely featured; Swift, Selena Gomez and a slew of current lady stars romp through the clip as secret agent/bad ass ‘chicks’ getting revenge (see the video here.)

One can certainly understand why the “Bad Blood” video has received nine video award nominations, including “Video Of The Year”.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards Gets Damn Sexy

Certainly the iHeartRadio performance/award show is another in a long list of self-celeb congratulatory made-for-T.V. moments, but there is no denying recent onstage fashions are of a whole different-dare we dream it-alternative bent these days? Sure, the original Material Girl and Rihanna have been known to show more than a little skin (Madonna at 56 isn’t shying away from revealing as much of herself as she can) but when we get Taylor Swift dressing so sexy, it’s either that we are one stretch closer to a couture apocalypse or what Dawnamatrix has been about for years is coming to pass…leather, latex, thigh high fishnets and corsets are damn sexy and the world is coming to realize it more and more.

Chanel Rocks Pop

Just last week Chanel No.5 revealed their new mini movie starring Gisele Bündchen. Directed by Baz “Moulin Rouge” Luhrmann the mini film got lots of press. There are such scrumptious shots of an equally scrumptious Gisele surfing, prancing, smiling-as you’d expect investing magic to every scene she is in-one almost forgets why they are watching the five minute plus video. Now comes the news that Karl Lagerfeld snapped-up happy hat wearer Pharrell Williams for the next Chanel flick (Pharrell stars with Cara Delevinge and Hudson Kroenig and a spate of dancers) which was shot last week. It’s big business marrying pop music stars with fashion these days-(did you happen to see Taylor Swift on the cover of UK Vogue for November?)-but Chanel seems to truly be ‘upping the ante’ in the mainstream haute couture world.