Post-Halloween 2022; Controversies, Latex and Celebrities-Part 2

Following from our first blog of this week (and of November 2022) about the recent round of Halloween costumes…and latex. We pick up here with Heidi Klum’s daughter in our most favorite textile, the Dallas Cowboy’s owner possibly getting fined for his costume, Billie Eilish and her boyfriend, Frankie Jones and his girl, and Elvira’s response to Kylie Jenner dressing like her.

Leni Klum, daughter of Heidi Klum, who encased herself in a worm costume for All Hallows, attended her supermodel mother’s 21st annual Halloween party dressed as Catwoman….Michelle Pfeiffer’s take specifically. 18-year-old Leni was dressed in a fitted black latex, high-neck body ‘catsuit,’ with a black leather mask (complete with ears) and boots.

Enjoying and exploiting the nearly ten-year age difference between them, Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford dressed as a baby and an old man, respectively, for the 31st.

Possibly tickling controversy (or at least a fine), Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones dressed in a striped shirt like NFL refs wear, accessorizing with sunglasses and a walking stick. It was Jones’ good-natured poke at the ‘blind’ officiating that fans, and owners often level at NFL officiators. But even Jones acknowledged that he was skirting the fine line of possibly incurring a fine dressed as he was.

As of yet, no fine has been leveled.

Frankie Jones dressed as his brother Joe, and his girlfriend Anna Olson as Taylor Swift, commenting on the short-lived relationship his brother and Swift had. Although Swift might be having the last laugh seeing as her new album, “Midnights” in which we commented on video costume couture from some of its songs in this blog, has broken the all-time record for the biggest album ever released globally in Spatial Audio on Apple Music, and the biggest pop album of all time on Apple Music by first-day streams. And, in the 64-year history of Billboard, Swift is the first artist to ever occupy all top ten slots on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the same time.

And lastly, Elvira, “Mistress Of The Dark,” revealed what she thought of Kyle Jenner dressing as her on Halloween.

“I didn’t get a heads up that Kylie was doing the costume, but she did the costume justice and it was very flattering,” she said. “It would have been even more flattering if she tagged me.”

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