It’s That Time Of Year…For Wedding Dresses

Yes, it’s that time of year, and yes, we have your latex wedding dress.

Managing even the most cursory scroll across the net this week, we found a score of stories about wedding dresses. (See here, hereand here, to name just a few). From expounding the many virtues of an inexpensive Amazon sheer pearl overlay dress to a woman showing off her vintage bridal collection that includes an 1800s wedding gown, to the “Swiftie-Style” prom dresses bridal shop models have taken to showing for the ultimate high school-aged Taylor Swift Fan, and the increase of interest in the “ethereal bride” wedding dress style of lace detailing, tulle, and chiffon fabrics, it seems bridal wardrobe is foremost on people’s minds. Of course, seeing as we are so very close to June and the official kick-off to wedding season, none of this is a surprise.

But as we do every year, considering wedding couture, we like to impress upon brides looking for the ultimate gown that a latex bridal gown might be the best choice. With the style, color, and texture varieties of latex, choosing a gown made of our favorite textile certainly fits the occasion for the modern bride.

As happens every year, we see as many brides dressing in the classic lacey white, the long train, and the intricate veil as we do plenty of choosing something non-traditional. And with current trends leaning toward the lady-of-the-day changing through more than one gown or dress across the long hours of her wedding day, we as much see brides choosing a latex gown for the actual ceremony than changing into some other kind of couture for the reception, as we have seen brides take to both a latex wedding gown than some different latex dress for the rest of the day.

The possibilities should be plentiful for a bride…and they are with latex.

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