The 2023 CMT Music Awards, The Oldest Model Ever & Kendall Wears Latex Yet Again

Sometimes we get lucky and can report on a whole bunch of latex fashion making the news. This week we ‘settle’ for one appearance of our favorite textile (although it features one of the most popular ladies on the planet), some fabulous red-carpet fashions, and modeling milestone model news.

What They Wore At The 2023 CMT Music Awards

Sunday at the Country Music Television Awards, there were many paparazzi-rich red-carpet moments. Shania Twain, enjoying a sure renaissance currently (she won the “Equal Play Award,” this night, given for artists who advocate for change in country music), arrived in a tight red dress matching her current hair color, with black stripes and cutouts along her hips. During the show, accepting her award, she wore a two-piece short set.

Megan Thee Stallion, who actually presented Twain with that award, matched her with skin bearing, wearing a bespoke Defience dress with a wide hip cutout.

The most unusual occurrence, though, and something the Internet has been getting a lot of mileage out of, is how two pairs of stars wore the same outfits. Megan Maroney and Kylie Morgan dressed in identical metallic green mini dresses, both ladies accessorizing with the same high-heeled metallic sandals. And although not in matching colors, Marley Sherwood and Kimberly Kelly wore the same long-sleeve, metallic gowns with high slit.

And as she often has in concert or these kinds of appearances, Carrie Underwood took the opportunity to show off her fantastic legs, wearing a pair of sparkly shorts. 

The Oldest Model Ever

Vogue Philippines’s April 2023 cover features Indigenous Filipina tattoo artist Apo Maria “Whang-Od” Oggay. Oggay is the oldest person ever to be featured on the cover of Vogue; she is 106 years old. Talk about historic!

Kendall Again

Counting on a Kardashian or a Jenner to wear our favorite textile is a sure bet. Kendall Jenner did so wearing a shiny red latex sleeveless short dress for a 2023 Messika Jewellery campaign. Shot by Chris Colls, Kendall, and a equally shiny red Pontiac were shot in the Palm Springs desert.

And that’s just some of the news we thought interesting for this beginning of the week blog.

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