#Clowncore Anyone?

Whether they will be sneaking any pink latex couture into the movie, we as yet don’t know, but surely the Barbie trailer released this week (see here) looks fantastic. As well as layered with pastel pinks, blues, and yellows, with a classic Beach Boys backing, we finally get to meet a whole bunch of different Barbies as much as a whole bunch of Kens. Of course, what this movie will specifically deliver is up for conjecture (which is what fans across social media are attempting), but no matter what the story, so far, we can see the scenes look wildly inventive all the way to the center of the movie’s Barbicore.

Did you also know there is a fashion craze sweeping the culture called “Clowncore?”

A darling of TikTok fashion-setters, the videos dedicated to #Clowncore grow daily. As one can decipher from its name, the couture here, mining a sure over-the-top concept, takes inspiration from wardrobe usually seen on clowns. Polka dots, clashing prints, rainbow colors, balloon pants, big collars, and bows, as much as child-like accessories, are the order of the day here.

And not just TikTok is exploding with the trend. As we have all seen during the past year, designers like Dior, Givenchy, and Saint Sintra have featured the aesthetic of wild color palettes and frilly textures. In addition, celebrities from Michelle Williams to Harry Styles to Lady Gaga, who is causing the ultimate clowncore cosplay salivating with her turn as Harley Quinn in the upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux is making the trend pop even more than it was.

It could be the cyclic nature of fashion, in that the wild and wide trends from the 80s are coming around again making us more comfortable with clowncore. Or maybe the natural reaction to a global pandemic is to leave us aching for the sillier aspects of life? Whatever the reason, Barbie and clowns won’t be leaving our runways and social media feeds anytime soon.

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