Sneaking A Peak At the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards & 2023 iHeart Radio Music Awards

It was a busy week of award shows, with one piece of latex couture and some leather thrown into the mix of what the famous wore.

Starting with the inaugural Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, held on March 21st, this event to help design talent “build their label into a thriving global brand” featured plenty of celebrities and designers dressed in their best. In addition to Kate Beckinsale in her ‘naked” Julien x Gabriela gown, Heidi Klum appeared in a silver metallic fabric gown with eye-catching geometric cuts. Her accessory might have even bested the dress, though, Klum sported a clear acrylic fishbowl with floating live goldfish as her bag. 

But it was the Fashion Trust founder Tania Fares, in her bespoke latex bodysuit underneath her Proenza Schouler dress, that made us most happy, of course.

We saw Heidi Klum again at arguably a granddaddy award show, wearing a very revealing dress at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards held last Sunday. The supermodel was in a blue Julien Macdonald chainmail dress, featuring a sky-high slit to her hip, and material crossing her torso to leave lots of her stomach and breasts bare. As she has when getting ready for her infamous Halloween turns, Klum revealed her dressing preparations in an Instagram video.

Delilah Belle Hamlin wore a sleeveless high-necked tight gown, championing what has been called the Free the Nipple fashion trend.

Pink was draped in scrumptious white (she’d later change for her performance at the awards) in a Robert Wun floor-length wide pleated skirt and blazer top sporting equally wide cape sleeves.

Ice Spice was in a wild white and black striped super tight long-sleeve mini dress and black tights.  

And leather was well represented, with Latto walking the red carpet in a pink leather dress, ex-Vanderpump Rules’ Brittany Cartwright in her black high-waisted pants matched with a black corset top, and Doja Cat in black leather pants. 

Lenny Kravitz, emcee for the night, wore tight sparkly black trousers, sporting a wide bell bottom, a buttoned mesh shirt, and equally sequined blazer with shoulder pads. 

Latex or not, really, can anybody ever beat Lenny Kravitz, perennially world’s most-sexiest guy?

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