Chanel Rocks Pop

Chanel-No5-Fragrance-Gisele-BundchenJust last week Chanel No.5 revealed their new mini movie starring Gisele Bündchen. Directed by Baz “Moulin Rouge” Luhrmann the mini film got lots of press. There are such scrumptious shots of an equally scrumptious Gisele surfing, prancing, smiling-as you’d expect investing magic to every scene she is in-one almost forgets why they are watching the five minute plus video. Now comes the news that Karl Lagerfeld snapped-up happy hat wearer Pharrell Williams for the next Chanel flick (Pharrell stars with Cara Delevinge and Hudson Kroenig and a spate of dancers) which was shot last week. It’s big business marrying pop music stars with fashion these days-(did you happen to see Taylor Swift on the cover of UK Vogue for November?)-but Chanel seems to truly be ‘upping the ante’ in the mainstream haute couture world.

Creating latex fashions one would think we’d be off to the side of all this popular pop stuff. But as was evidenced by our recent brush with Miss Bey, and our past outfitting Pink and Katy Perry, alternative fashion, music and mainstream mix and match so much these days.

Who knows who we will meet next from the world of pop culture?

We’re ready for Farrell to really traipse outside his comfort zone and try our or Nicki Minaj to give our a try over up over her shelf. These days anything and everything works for whatever style one wants to try it with. If we’ve learned nothing else from design, wardrobe and general these past few years it is that “Art in America” that informs the very best of fashion is something that no designer can ever expect nor can ever rightly plan for.

We might take a moment to mourn the death of Oscar de la Renta, who died this week. But one thing is for certain, fashion and pop keeps ever spinning in their close friendship.



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