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Super heroes, witches, nurses and zombies, adult Elsa-from Frozen costumes, it’s all coming at us right now. (Check-out this online zombie make-up tutorial from MSN https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/beauty/transform-yourself-into-a-zombie-with-this-gory-tutorial/ss-BB9BHzb). This is one time of year we can excuse and abuse our indulgences; Halloween dress-up for adults is probably (in some ways) even more fun than it is for kids. Cosplay might be popular these days, certainly we see and have been part of some great latex dress-up events, but Halloween really is the great leveler for the masses who want to get away with fantasy (sexy) dress-up and not feel guilty.

Let’s take a spin round some of what Dawnamatrix can set you up with this Oct 31st.

From our new Space and Time collection an obvious choice to celebrate this time of year would just have to be our Cthulhu Catsuit (see here). Has there ever really been anybody better at the macabre in literature (other than dear old Edgar Allan) then H.P. Lovecraft? This sexy tight outfit adorned with the infamous Lovecraftian creation is sure to get your fellow Halloween partiers talking.

On the softer fantasy side of S&T we’re featuring plenty of delicate butterfly couture, like our Butterfly Collar vest and Butterfly Bodysuit (here and here.)

Lastly, from the same collection, you could scare them all with our sexy spiked bodysuit: https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/catsuits-and-bodysuits/spiked-bodysuit/

Yes, capes and cloaks are the thing this season, especially if your stepping out as vampire. Our Epic Ringleader Trench (https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/mens/epic-ringleader-trenchcoat-2/) makes a statement for this couture, it’s just the right stunning long coat to wear over over any outfit.

And let’s not forget the Gothic twist on…well just about anything, but especially on brides. Zombie, vampiric, all-around undead brides-to-be or died-during-the-nuptiuals ladies can be easily outfitted with the couture you’ll find in our https://dawnamatrix.com/product-category/bridal/.

You can mix and match, take an accessory or two and retro-fit any Dawnamtarix outfit you already own (or are about to order) to create a great Halloween look.

The main thing is, have fun dressing-up for Oct 31st as much as you have fun dressing always and never feel a twinge of guilt.

Really, Dawnamatrix says its ok.



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