Taylor Swift Takes Another Step To Make Our Latex Couture Mainstream

maxresdefaultThis year’s VMA’s certainly won’t be the first time that latex clothing has played a part in the show’s proceedings. Dawnamatrix was involved in last year’s Video Music Awards (see here) and proud of it. But this year does mark the first time that world-renown kinky toy store “The Stockroom” lent a hand in ‘dressing’ a nominated video from a major pop star (in this case Taylor Swift). In Swift’s “Bad Blood” latex couture as well as a goodly amount of guns and slowmo female derring-do is widely featured; Swift, Selena Gomez and a slew of current lady stars romp through the clip as secret agent/bad ass ‘chicks’ getting revenge (see the video here.)

One can certainly understand why the “Bad Blood” video has received nine video award nominations, including “Video Of The Year”.

In what we have been exploring here in this blog as much as what we have seen in our business, the mainstreaming of latex fashion has certainly seen an ‘uptick’ over the past few years. In the case of Swift’s video, it’s as important for latex couture that she shows off latex wear (some modern, some inspired by Steampunk designs) as that her stylists came to infamous Stockroom (of all places) to get their goods. A “specialty erotic boutique” like Stockroom being involved in what’s being called a fetish-themed video (actually “Bad Blood” is more a women-empowerment-super hero like mini-movie, but who wants to split hairs?) does us all who work in/wear/opine on alternate fashion and free expression a world of good.

Time and again we have stated that anyone can wear latex, for any occasion and we’re pretty damn sure that if you were to take a survey of couples who might just have a few items from The Stockroom or stores like it in their homes, most likely those who do would outnumber those who don’t by a high percentage.

Whatever you are wearing or playing with come August 30th, you can be assured that Swift, Gomez, Ellie Goulding and all the rest of the women outfitted by The Stockroom looked damn good in “Bad Blood”, whether they win a VMA or not. MoonmanDateV2-1415886601






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