Models Making Mainstream Movie Moves

rs_634x937-150312065022-634.Paper-Towns-JR-31215Beyond the posing, often as quick-to-make-it-as-quick-to-break-it celebrity, the wearing of everything from painted ‘fake’ latex clothing to ball gowns, modern day models are making the jump into mainstream movie-dom as much as they can. There it is again, that word “mainstream” but men and women who model seem to want to get into a big budget middle-of-the-cultural highway film as much as rocks stars and sports stars do.

Take for instance the mainstreaming of model Cara Delevingne. The British lady is accumulating accolades presently in the big summer ‘teen’ blockbuster Paper Towns. Delevingne has made steps into the ‘mainstream’ acting world in both Face of an Angel and Anna Karenina, but the twenty two year old has slipped into public conscious now with her recent turn in Paper Towns and is getting great reviews.

For even more of a latex-y stretch, might we reveal to you the plans of fetish model/actress Darenzia? She and indie director James Sterling are looking to make their movie Crossover a reality by funding the film with an Indiegogo campaign, target of $50,000. Donating to Crossover puts one in the running to win a latex corset worn by Darenzia, signed Marquis magazines she was cover girl on or any number of other goodies.

The Crossover movie certainly does seem to have crossover mainstream appeal, described as it is as a “science fiction action adventure film intended as a proof-of-concept for a feature length version and potential franchise”. And as well as having a slew of alternative wardrobe artists and other film artisans aboard, comic book illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz is creating the film’s poster art.

Working with the many talented men and women who wear Dawnamatrix clothes in pictures or across runways, it is evident to us that like all creative people, many models dream beyond the runway or the drape of a latex kimono.

We wish everyone well on their mainstream moves.

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