Latex Redux

It’s one thing to slip into a latex wardrobe for an award show red carpet strut-in. Or to be seen in some skin-tight latex couture for a superhero role you have stepped into. And we constantly point out singers wearing latex costumes for video or stage appearances. But when our best and brightest show up …


Sukeban & Their Latex Rock On

Back last fall the all-female Japanese wrestling league Sukeban made their New York City debut, some festooned in latex couture I had helped make. Collaborating with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, the lady wrestlers were attired in wildly colorful costumes. Blending fashion, anime, and traditional Japanese women’s wrestling couture, these fantastic athletes engage in a form …


Paris In Latex

From either what is seen across a runway or maybe worn by a well-known attendee, we need aways keep our eyes peeled, and hope springs eternal here at Dawnamatrix Designs.

Dallas Fetish Ball

Everything might be bigger in Texas, as the old saying goes, but the big old state played perfect host to a great time for the alternative fashion faithful fetish fan. 

UK Fetish Awards Post Event Roundup

Dipping our toes back into alt. fashion get-togethers (pretty much getting back together in general) and party happenings in a post-Covid world, those at the UK Fetish Awards gathering were well supported by known brands/producers on the scene.

Halloween Costumes, 2022

Making the just-dropped Pinterest top ten, couture seen on singer Avril Lavigne is showing an uptick, making the #7 spot in popularity.

Two Weeks Away From The World Of Wearable Art

As always, there’s lots going on at WOW, beyond just us competing with another of our latex outfits. While the show is stunning, what the presenters manage as much preshow to during it, above and beyond the alternate runaway event, music, and dance, is always top notch and so interesting. Two weeks away now, The …


Beyoncé In Red Latex Warms Our Hearts

As we’ve mentioned plenty here, when we first started in the business in 2009, black was arguably the ‘go to’ color for latex fashionistas and fetish costume wearers (and yes, we have worn our share of black latex outfits and accessories over the years!)

The Couple That Dresses Together….Kim & Kanye

When it comes to alternative fashion, being seen in latex outfits, leather accessories, or lingerie, whether she breaks to the net or not, we can count on Kim Kardashian West to keep us looking. Her ex-husband, Kanye West even manages some very cool style as well. At Kanye’s second Donda listening event last week, Kim was dressed yet again to make a statement.

‘In The Morning’ (And in the flesh) With Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s most arresting couture moments. From opening the century in an iconic, open sea-green Versace gown to the naked sparkly dress she wore at the 17th Annual CFDA Awards to stepping out in a sheer Zuhair Murad Couture jumpsuit at the 7th Annual Latin Grammy’s to sporting Versace again, all silvery beaded gown with a matching headdress for last year’s Met Gala, there is no mistaking the sartorial choices this woman makes.

The Couture Keeps A’ Changing At the 2020 BET awards

We all expected some amazing wardrobe displays at the 2020 BET Awards, maybe even some latex outfits or accessories. But there was an unprecedented dizzying array of outfits revealed across the all-virtual BET Awards show this Sunday past.  First off, host Amanda Seales ran through ten wardrobe changes in her three hours hosting. Then there …


Playing Dress-Up With the #hollywoodathomechallenge

And yet another way to beat the stay-at-home blues, beyond managing a round of cleaning and caring for your latex outfits (see here). Have you get seen the #hollywoodathomechallenge? It seems people are taking to their Twitter and Instagram accounts to show off recreations of iconic celebrity looks, poses, and movie-screen captures. All it requires …


The World Of Wearable Art…Yet Again

The attention and accolades we continue to enjoy with our latex outfits winning at WOW are amazing. The links below take you to the latest in World of Wearable Art news where Dawnamatrix was lucky enough to be featured in some way.

London Fetish Weekend 2019

Each year London Fetish Weekend pulls together the alt. fashionista, the vendor, the fetish faithful and even the curious for a safe, sane and stylist romp of those with lots on their minds and in their hearts.

GLOW’s 3rd Season Costuming Wrestles Us Into Sweet Submission

This time, the lady wrestlers, and their producers are part of what soon becomes a successful Las Vegas residency at the fictional “Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino.” This allowed the show’s costume designer, Beth Morgan to expand her usual glitz and wild flare with not just the influence of mid-80’s fashions but the legendary sartorial look of Las Vegas

Book Review: How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust

In How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust (aka Latex Jim), a man who has worked as much for latex houses as he has given workshops on the art of latex working for nearly a decade, the reader gets a very positive ‘course’ on how to work with that material we all love so much. Easy to follow instructions (plus some good photos) are presented for methods in gluing, prepping, and cleaning latex even. In conjunction with his online Youtube tutorials, Jim lays out lots of his knowledge in this unique book that approaches the art of latex outfit making in the very best of ways.