The German Fetish Ball Weekend 2023

Not that we attend these kinds of events much these days (for no real reason except busy home-life personal stuff keeping us from going), but we know there’s bound to be a goodly amount of latex outfits seen at the upcoming German Fetish Ball Weekend.

And surely a good time had by all who attend this famous get together.

Promising a whole bunch of fantastic activities for this year, the GFBW is happening May 17th-May 21st. Kicking off with “Kinky Cocktails” on that first night, the just added cruise the next (although of a shorter duration than last year, alt. fashion wearers partying on the water is always a good time), and the following “Sonicboom” party will make Thursday rock. Then Friday sees the actual fair, pretty much all day, then “FetishGuerilla Revolution” party afterward.

Saturday once again has the fair during the day, with that night featuring the actual German Fetish Ball. Naturally, plenty of partiers pick the alt. fashion outfit they will be wearing at the ball or at least pick up an accessory or two from the fair during the day.

Sunday, there is the ubiquitous Farewell Brunch, where attendees, be they casual fans, fetish fair vendors, and performers come together to recap their weekend over coffee, juice, and eggs and exchange socials so as to keep in touch until next year’s GFB.

Or to get together in the months between.

And, of course, there are various side events planned that have not yet been announced.

As mentioned, Dawnamatrix will not be there, but there is a whole score of latex designers and other artisans that have been announced, so you surely won’t be disappointed in who you meet, what you might buy, and what you might come to be wearing for a long time afterward.

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