Beyoncé In Red Latex Warms Our Hearts

Valentine’s Day makes us think of roses and chocolates as it certainly does the color red, which always makes us think of the many rich colors of latex fashion. And even though it was a week later, it seems Beyoncé celebrated the hearts’ most favorite day over the weekend, indeed wearing, among other things, red latex.

Posting three different looks from the holiday that she made into a ‘traveling’ weekend, it was what the 40-year-old singer first stepped out in that made us most interested: high-waisted red latex pants matched with the same color turtleneck sweater, a heart-shaped cutout in its back. Beyoncé accessorized this look with a cherry-shaped clutch and scarlet heels.

Not surprisingly, these pieces came from her just launched Ivy Heart collection, which dropped at the beginning of the month. (In that collection, there are also opera-length latex gloves.)

Going on to show off more of her brand’s clothing, Beyoncé showed off snaps across her Instagram wearing a red tracksuit and white sneakers sitting on a jet (and a pair of heart-shaped red sunglasses), and when she disembarked, she had managed another wardrobe change. Descending the jet’s stairs, Beyoncé was wearing a velvet off-the-shoulder minidress, matching cat-eye sunglasses, and two-toned stilettos.

As we’ve mentioned plenty here, when we first started in the business in 2009, black was arguably the ‘go to’ color for latex fashionistas and fetish costume wearers (and yes, we have worn our share of black latex outfits and accessories over the years.) But over time, with as much cosplayers as singers influencing so much of the mainstream pop world wearing colorful latex, and for us personally seeing Japanese fashion and kimono wardrobe styles influence our brand, a whole bunch of us latex designers made significant strides into the considerations of color in the latex couture we produce.  

And here we all are….even Beyoncé.

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