The World Of Wearable Art…Yet Again

The attention and accolades we continue to enjoy with our latex outfits winning at WOW are amazing. The links below take you to the latest in World of Wearable Art news where Dawnamatrix was lucky enough to be featured in some way.
This piece from Cato Brand Partner, titled “Mazda takes WOW for a spin,” reveals how the car maker and WOW are partnered over a concept car, based on our last year wardrobe winner ‘Foreign Bodies’. “Pulsing latex landscape, complete with rubber microbes, transform this everyday vehicle,” the piece boasts and we couldn’t be happier to have provided this inspiration.
We are also featured among the dazzling array of pictures in this recent UK Times online article. The Getty Image shot of our Gemini: the Twins is spectacular really. And to be amongst all this other reporting, from the UK no less, is another great thrill.
Lastly, in The Atlantic’s “World of WearableArt 2019” article our is one of 17 pieces featured. In this reporting you get to see some of the other wardrobe presentations that were featured in New Zealand. India, Australia and that WOW home country of New Zealand is represented in what this article features.
Ben and I find it quite hard to come down from the natural high of winning at WOW. Traveling to New Zealand again, being treated so wonderfully by the event people, our fellow designers, all of New Zealand actually, once again so warmed our hearts. I can’t say enough about the experience, really. But all this extra stuff that follows us after WOW. How we our designs live on in completely other ways (this time with a car maker!) and how we just know we are being a global stage for months and months after the competition, will keeps us riding that WOW high for a very long time.

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