Book Review: How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust

ERingTrenchMain1-368x552As a latex designer we can’t really won’t come out to champion making your own outfit, but let’s face it, lots of us accessorize and plenty more of us live for our homemade cosplay renderings. If you come to wear a catsuit or especially a uniform piece you probably have fashioned a way to enliven your stepping-out-on-the-town with some ‘bling’. Maybe you’ve managed a little altering to come-up with a wholly new repurposing of a custom made piece. Time and again do you find yourself helping a fellow fetish fashionista figure their off-the-rack wardrobe for an altogether different look or pairing?

Being ever creative really is what this is all, right?

In How To Make Latex Clothes, by Goldust (aka Latex Jim), a man who has worked as much for latex houses as he has given workshops on the art of latex working for nearly a decade, the reader gets a very positive ‘course’ on how to work with that material we all love so much. Easy to follow instructions (plus some good photos) are presented for methods in gluing, prepping, and cleaning latex even. In conjunction with his online Youtube tutorials, Jim lays out lots of his knowledge in this unique book that approaches the art of latex outfit making in the very best of ways.

Certainly aware of what goes into creating the pieces our clients adore (and we also love to wear), we found Jim’s patient way of explaining pretty much on the mark. It takes as much a steady hand as an ever active imagination to create something artful, no matter what that something is, and we dare say, creating latex outfits is certainly an art form we feel deserving of time and attention.

You can buy Jim’s book at his, where the “Happy To Help” quote is prominently displayed.

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