Outdone By Khadija Uzhakhovs

Russian-Oligarch-Wedding-Dress[1]While we are certainly aware that a bespoke latex wedding gown might not be on every bride’s list, they do make a stunning statement. Dawnamatrix has provided a goodly gaggle of brides their most important dress for their most important of days and we just love doing our part for the nuptials. But there are those wedding dresses that even surpass the alternative wardrobe of what we can provide…and certainly are priced higher than anyone could dare dream.

Khadija Uzhakhovs married Said Gutseriev-he heir to a Russian oil fortune-Saturday just past. Instagram pictures from what has been called the “the most expensive wedding ever” (priced at a reported $1 billion) reveal performances from Jennifer Lopez and Sting (to name but a few) and created a viral buzz. But it was Khadija’s custom Elie Saab gown that really got people talking, and not just fashionista’s tongues a’wagging.

Imported from Paris and weighing in at 25 lbs, the bride was pretty much jewel encrusted, from her wedding dress to her tiara and diamonds. Of course Khadija needed appropriate accessories for her full length skirt and a train that needed to be held by several people; the 20 year old bride had a floor length veil and a jeweled clutch to match.

When 60 guests are invited certainly the bride and groom’s couture cannot disappoint, as much as the entire ceremony and its party afterwards need to be top notch. With Bentley’s available to take guests to and fro, a wedding cake double the height of the couple, flowers at every station the new Mr. and Mrs. Gutseriev’s special day was very special indeed.

So special, that a second celebration is set to occur in London.

These sky-high priced weddings (especially those in Europe) seem to be especially trending lately. And whether we will see heavily bejeweled dresses like Khadija’s, or alternate ones made of leather or latex, or even cosplay dressed grooms and wives, we certainly champion one ethos above all else: it’s pretty much a bride’s prerogative to make her wedding day uniquely hers, in any which way she can.

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