The 3 Things You Can Do To Get Your Latex Look Looking Even Better

LuxCatMain1-368x552Loath that we are to admit it, it sometimes takes a bit more than just buying from a reputable designer making killer alternate couture (we can recommend one of course) to get your latex outfit looking smashing. We as much get customers coming to us ordering custom made wardrobes, as others who want to just grab a pair of leggings right off our site. In all instances we are here to help as much as we can, forever hoping our customers go away happy and come back time and again. But there are also a few suggestions we try to impart at conventions, backstage at runway shows, as much in emails and just in every day gossiping to potential clients and friends that we feel make a latex look look even better.

Challenge Your Color Palette-Yes, we freely admit that a black latex catsuit is pretty damn sexy, but as any good latex designer will tell you-as much as sell-there are lots of color possibilities when buying latex these days. We suggest stepping away from traditional black and red and explore these options; as much stand out from the crowd with textures, styles and cuts, as you do with color.

Two Hands Are Better Than One-When polishing your latex, ask for a helping hand. Too many times we have seen the lube equivalent of a sunscreen handprint left across an outfit or accessory…and don’t even get us started on how often we have seen a tear or rip occur because someone is trying to contort themselves in just the right way to get themselves lubed. More often the not you’ll find volunteers manning gratis lube stations at kink fashion events and parties…take advantage of this perk. And, if you are inclined and a partner amiable, shining-up a latex encased body part can certainly break the ice when first meeting someone!

Get Away From Your Comfort Zone…While Avoiding The Twilight Zone-Lest you forget, this is alternative wardrobe wearing we’re speaking about here. Have fun, mix and match, and by all means, as with our first suggestion, challenge yourself: show off those legs where maybe you wouldn’t normally; this might just be the time to step into a latex kimono; have a penchant to wear a mask with your tights, go ahead. Just don’t go so far you will feel uncomfortably exposed. Let Rod Serling reside in the Twilight Zone, you merely have to tickle the edges of your comfort zone if that’s all you want to do.BKimonoSleeveMain1-368x552

Not that the above is in any way a scientific list or the last word. But maybe you can implement one, two or even all three of the above suggestions in your next latex purchase or wearing. Give it a go…and drop us a line on how your next latex coming out, turned out.

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