Two Weeks Away From The World Of Wearable Art

As always, there’s lots going on at WOW, beyond just us competing with another of our latex outfits. While the show is stunning, what the presenters manage as much preshow to during it, above and beyond the alternate runaway event, music, and dance, is always top notch and so interesting. Two weeks away now, The World of Wearable Art sent across some behind-the-scenes scenes, information about stage-side tickets just being released, and some information about their outside WOW HUB and M-A-C Pop-up Make-up Station that will be at Farmers Lambton Quay.

Andrew Cesan and Kayla Paige have crafted this year’s choreography for the models and dancers. As always, this part of the show goes off swimmingly and adds so much to make WOW the unique fashion event it is. We can’t wait to see what they have come up with this year! 

Attendees to the WOW show are invited to check out the aforementioned M·A·C Pop-up Make-up Station in Farmers Lambton Quay. Purchasers of any M·A·C product can have a try at the M·A·C ‘spin & win wheel’ for the chance to win further M·A·C product. The pop-up will be open during the show season from 29 Sept – 16 Oct; Mon-Sun 11 am-2 pm and Wed-Sat, 4 pm – 5:30 pm. 

Also, as mentioned, the WOW HUB, opening Mon 26 Sept, will feature preshow garment appearances, tickets for the show, and live music…everybody is welcome to stop by. 


On the subject of those much sought-after WOW tickets, it seems that the event has just managed to release more of their usually sold-out Stageside tickets for the Wed Oct 5th WOW date. To get up-close to the action for this date and learn about other opportunities to get this close to the action, go here

This link will take you to where you can buy the ‘regular’ tickets for WOW.

See you in New Zealand for all the fun!

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