Let’s Talk J. Lo’s Cut-Outs

Although our cheeky skirt might be an extreme example (and one you need be ever careful where it is you wear), cut-outs are not unusual as much in latex couture as they are in all kinds of alternative fashions.

The VMA’s & Met Gala: Fashion Watch

Lil Nas X wore three different bespoke full Versace outfits . First, there was a beautiful gold beaded cape sporting an extra-long train. Under this, the singer then revealed a homage to C-3PO, wearing a golden suit of armor

Inauguration 2021 Couture

PVC, leather, latex, and alternate fashions will probably have no place in today’s inauguration, but haute couture does…as it always has

‘In The Morning’ (And in the flesh) With Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo’s most arresting couture moments. From opening the century in an iconic, open sea-green Versace gown to the naked sparkly dress she wore at the 17th Annual CFDA Awards to stepping out in a sheer Zuhair Murad Couture jumpsuit at the 7th Annual Latin Grammy’s to sporting Versace again, all silvery beaded gown with a matching headdress for last year’s Met Gala, there is no mistaking the sartorial choices this woman makes.

DawNAmatrix Latex in Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Issue

We are thrilled to report that a Dawnamatrix latex accessory is featured in this year’s Vanity Fair’s 2020 Hollywood Issue. With Hollywood notables like Jennifer Lopez, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy, as well as newcomers, photographer Ethan James Green, set designer Julia Wagner and stylist Samira Nasr created another one-of-a-kind work-of-art issue. Shot last fall at …


T.V. Costuming This Week: Mrs. Maisel & Jennifer Lopez

We can’t report on any latex couture managing center cultural stage this week. But with the return of Netflix’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and what Jennifer Lopez revealed on her 3rd SNL hosting, there was still plenty to consider in the world of T.V. costuming. Costume designer Donna Zakowska has had her hands full with pretty and …


Taking our “Medicine” from Jennifer Lopez

As we well know, one person’s risqué is another person’s every day latex couture. Calling one thing ‘sexy’ or even ‘alternative’ is undoubtedly an eye-of-the-beholder distinction, but one might say that the brand new Jennifer Lopez video for her song “Medicine,” is rather damn hot…and reveals an amazing array of wild costumes.

Jennifer Lopez Hustles in NYC

What the net has been buzzing about this past week is the array of outfits J.Lo has been seen in, while walking from her trailer to the streets NYC while filming her new movie Hustlers.

Oscar Couture Fun

That latex outfit? Rachel Weisz wore a red latex Givenchy, and the Twitterverse went wild referencing his look with her sexy turn in her film Disobedience. Does art imitate life or the other way around?

What They Wore At The AMA’s

Taylor Swift came in a Balmain long-sleeve, high-neck reflective mini-dress with matching thigh highs boots. Tyra Banks sported a dress shirt, wide black belt (almost a cummerbund actually) and a Gucci red fringe skirt. Dua Lipa was in a classic floor-length white gown with pleaded train. And Cardi B, as we would expect, was dressed in an eye-catching ensemble. She wore a matching floral hat and slit dress with spaghetti straps. Hers was certainly one of the more colorful wardrobe choices of the evening

Jennifer Lopez’s “Ni Tu’ Ni Yo”

A latex clothing designer can’t be jealous that out of all the smoking sexy outfits Jennifer Lopez flips around in her new video for “Ni Tu’ Ni Yo” none were made from our most favorite material. The array of costume changes here, how perfect J.Lo looks and the consistent Latin pop heart of the tune makes this certainly one of the best videos to hit now mid-summer.

Outdone By Khadija Uzhakhovs

Khadija Uzhakhovs married Said Gutseriev-he heir to a Russian oil fortune-Saturday just past. Instagram pictures from what has been called the “the most expensive wedding ever” (priced at a reported $1 billion) reveal performances from Jennifer Lopez and Sting (to name but a few) and created a viral buzz. But it was Khadija’s custom Elie Saab gown that really got people talking, and not just fashionista’s tongues a’wagging.