Inauguration 2021 Couture

PVC, leather, latex, and alternate fashions will probably have no place in today’s inauguration, but haute couture does…as it always has. The Biden Presidential Inaugural Committee has already launched their Believe in Better merch, and there is massive speculation over what the President-to-be and his Vice President will wear on the most historic day that comes our way every four years. The field is wide open to the wardrobe choices the Biden-Harris team (and their spouses) might choose.

For the COVID-19 memorial event yesterday, the women of the team, Jill Biden and the new vice-president-to-be, Kamala Harris, wore clothes made by independent U.S. designers. A trend in what we might see from these women in the next four years? Who knows? Because of the historic position Kamala Harris represents in U.S. politics (and that she is female), eyes might be on her even more than on Joe Biden when it comes to her fashions. 

For the COVID-19 memorial event, Joe Biden was seen in coat (and mask) designed by Jonathan Cohen. But the rumor is that Mr. Biden has collaborated with Ralph Lauren for his swearing-in suit. Lauren has been the designer of choice for Dr. Jill Biden and her husband for many past events.

What we can expect sartorially from the Biden-Harris team and then their administration is one thing. What we can expect from the performers appearing today at the ignoration is another. Undoubtedly, the D.C. weather will be a factor. Still, with such diverse acts appearing as Garth Brooks, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and a reformed New Radicals, the question is, will performers err on the side of sedate stately choices over other more interesting costumes?

Today will indeed prove historic for many reasons.

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