Hailey Baldwin and Amber Astley Are In On Our Secret

While clothes might very well ‘make the man,’ certainly we’d all agree that the right accessory perfectly ‘dresses up’ a latex wardrobe. Hailey Baldwin indeed assured us all of this fact this week.

Joining her friend/photographer Amber Astley for what seemed to be a quick photo opportunity on Monday. Baldwin posed in a sexy-shaped orange chair, dressed to kill. In the first shot, she kneels, facing the back of the chair, half of her long bare arms draped over its back, wearing a stunning low-cut black latex bodysuit. While she is barefoot in this shot, in the second picture, Hailey sits straddling the chair, again facing its back, wearing classic black pumps, set on stiletto heels and pointed toes. A super sexy accessory to Baldwin’s skin-tight latex wardrobe choice and her seeming ‘surrender’ pose with arms up, leaning into a corner.

No stranger to posing in provocative clothing as well as for haute couture—and showing off her love of shoes—so far, the 24-year-old model has worked with a wide range of designers. Hailey was part of both Levi’s summer ’20 line and joined the brand when it launched its SecondHand upcycling campaign. She’s also landed work for Guess, Zadig & Voltaire, and Ralph Lauren and five years ago pushed one of the most influential boot brands, Ugg, by starring in their Classic Street Collection.

For those of us interested in alternate fashions, leather couture, mixing and matching lace with just about everything and anything—and of course, wearing latex clothing—we all have our particular penchant when it comes to accessorizing. Especially, over arguably the most important of all accessories, shoes, lots can be considered, argued over, and bought.

The sexy pictures taken by Amber Astley show that she and Hailey Baldwin might just be in on our secret.

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