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It’s pretty much impossible to rally one’s mind around how many people are involved in the global community of creative people who design latex clothing, photograph it, the models wearing the wardrobe, stylists, make-up and hair people who work on magazine shoots and runway shows, and the crews that flitter about at T.V. shows, and videos. Then consider all the other creative work that happens across the world in so many industries, or even just the people who work their art just for their pleasure and not a paycheck.

Yes, there are a lot of us ‘out here.’

#PortfolioDay was set-up to celebrate artists in a truly unique way, and it has come round once again, happening this second Tuesday of the New Year. Way back at the end of summer 2018, Audrey Gonzalez, who began this particular online celebration, agreed to move her Portfolio Day to every 2nd Tuesday of every three months, starting October of that year. Today January 12th, 2021, is the very first Portfolio Day of this year.

According to what Audrey has set up, she invites people to link their portfolios, their contact information, and four of their best pieces. Posting relevant tags and, of course, tagging #PortfolioDay adds icing to the cake.

As she posts about the global movement: “The #PortfolioDay tag was created to boost the work of creatives looking for work.” What Audrey has created here is undoubtedly a labor of love from and for artists supporting other artists…and an excellent way for folks, no matter what they are into to get their wares seen. From designers, to 3D animators, to just about anyone who works in or can show their creations visually, Portfolio Day is ever so welcoming.

One can join in Portfolio Day on Twitter at their hastag, and at its Ko-fi support page. Find out more about Audrey here.

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