Ralph Lauren & Jennifer Lopez Make a Perfect Day

Be it latex, lace, or any combination of any other type of materials, as we all rightly know, it’s still ‘all about the dress’ when it comes to a wedding. So even in the face of paparazzi, the ceremony being held on an expansive 87-acre estate in Georgie, with celebrity guests and undoubtedly one of the most popular couples in the world giving their vows, the blog sphere is abuzz over the dress Jennifer Lopez wore for her wedding this week to Ben Affleck.

The white bespoke Ralph Lauren wedding dress featured a feathered skirt and short cropped sleeves, and over a thousand handkerchiefs making up the stunning train and veil seemingly 20 feet long. But this was just one of three gowns JLO wore this day. Dressing in all Ralph Lauren, one later dress featured a string of pearls, the other a neckline adorned with Swarovski-crystals. Ben Affleck was in a Lauren white tuxedo jacket, black pants and black bowtie

Here’s one of a couple videos about the making of the dress.

Ralph Lauren Jennifer Lopez Wedding Dress Video

The overhead shots of the ceremony and professional photographs after it indeed shows the couple posing on lawns and off docks, with JLO’s train sprawled just about everywhere.

By its very nature, a bride can—and often does—make quite the wardrobe statement with the gown she wears. Creating latex wedding gowns as we do, we’ve realized it can as much be the style of the dress (or the fact that it is made of latex) as the colors a bride picks that might make the desired statement for that special day. In JLO’s case, whatever she was going to wear for this wedding would have made a statement, given who she is, but certainly, her Ralph Lauren train was an attention grabber.

Although we have dressed plenty of “June brides” in one of our bespoke latex wedding dresses, as much as plenty of ladies have come to us picking their wedding gown right from our catalog, ladies get married at all times of the year and look for all manner of materials for their special gown. Surely, it would have tickled all of us alternative fashion fans to have spied Jennifer Lopez in a latex gown or something made of an equally unusual textile. But she looked lovely, as we expected, and that train and veil were really quite amazing. 

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