Aniston Freed!

In recent months it hasn’t as much been a piece of latex wardrobe or any alternative fashion accessory that has gained trending traction across the web. As to be expected, given the end-of-year-into-the-new Hollywood award season shows, pretty much haute couture is getting the most attention. Shows like The Golden Globes, and the upcoming Oscars …

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Savage x Fenty Premiers on Amazon Prime

Although we all certainly love or latex couture, one might not miss seeing our most favorite material in all that Rihanna gives us with her new Savage x Fenty collection. At the recent New York Fashion Week, Rihanna presented a dance-led show for her fashion line at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Celebrating Memorial Day With Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty

Although we have caught her sporting sporting gear or latex-like couture from Alexander Vauthier for a trip to the Grammies, who would have thought we’d be lucky enough to catch Rihanna in so much lingerie? At the beginning of this month the singer ‘dropped’ her new Savage x Fety line and it includes 90 pieces of lingerie, sleepwear, and accessories, as well as four core collections.

Rihanna 4 Times The Grammy’s

We experienced quite the intake of clutched breath as Rihanna walked up on the Grammy’s stage with Kendrick Lamar, seemingly draped in a plum-colored latex outfit. On closer inspection (and reading about her wardrobe today post the show) we are all coming to learn that the superstar singer was sporting a patent-leather trench coat, gloves and floppy boots created by Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture.

Fashion Friendly Ocean’s 8

In the previous teasers and posted snapped shots from the production of the upcoming Ocean’s 8 movie, we have seen so much fashion. Not simply cinema wardrobe but the band of merry (all women) thieves in this movie are fashionably appointed and the plot is set right in the middle of the fashion universe; the ladies manage their main heist at the Met Gala. As reported so far, the haute couture cameos in this movie are plenty. Kim Kardashian was spotted on set wearing a sheer white Givenchy, her sister Kendall Jenner in Elie Saab, Kylie Jenner in a velour tracksuit, and Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Anna Wintour all set to make appearances as well.

Dana Proctor sells Britney Spears

When it comes to our modern day pop divas, a latex skirt is just as important as a wardrobe fail, as is some costume becoming iconic. From stage, video, late-night clubbing a Katy Perry, a Nicki Minaj and Rihanna can be seen wearing any number of outfits fans drool over and unknown designers would have given anything to have made. Dana Proctor saw the value of Britney Spears’ outfits, as she came to collect seven Britney wardrobe pieces, pieces that she is now trying to sell on eBay for one million dollars.

We Dare You To Watch Rihanna’s “Kiss Me Better” Video

Considering that we are bombarded with daily Instagram pics of naked women and men (A, B and even no-list celebrities); far and away from those years when Madonna was making waves with fetish clothing styling; Kardashians threatening to break the net almost every week and Rihanna herself having exposed herself plenty in sexy costume designs already, one wonders if the actual video here will have staying power beyond all the talk about it…before we even get to see it

Musicians Make New York Fashion Week 2016 ‘Alternative’?

New York Fashion Week, as is true of Mila, London, Paris, is not about presenting the latest in latex corsets, challenging the status quo with a fetish model strutting down the runway, and certainly pushes celebrity sightings now more than high couture. An though we can’t expect to find our next bespoke naughty outfit in any of these fashion weeks, still each year we do dream that just maybe a old school designer, or maybe even a Kanye or a RiRi might try something slightly daring…and of course affordable.

Here Come Those Damn Angels Once Again: The Early Scuttlebutt on The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Other facts as they are becoming known are Lily Aldridge will be wearing the ultimate in costume design, the Fireworks Fantasy Bra, this year’s big ticket item priced at $2 million. That bra’s precious gems come in at a cool 1,364 carats and are set in 18 karat gold, the panties Lily will wear with it, sport 120 diamonds and 400 stones. Created by jeweler Mouawad you can see Aldridge cavorting in the set in this Vogue video.

All The News That Kinda Fits: The Katy Perry Sundress Controversy, RiRi For Puma and Some Calvin and Skin From Kendall Jenner

Colorful and cute, you say (and yes, we are down with flowers adorning dresses, see here…) surely, but some folks take the flowers to be a statement of support for the Sunflower Student Movement (this is a group of students who have taken to protesting a trade deal between Taiwan and China). Katy has been sporting sunflowers in her Prismatic tour since it began and she did not comment about what she may-or may not have-meant wearing her dress and cape.

The iHeartRadio Music Awards Gets Damn Sexy

Certainly the iHeartRadio performance/award show is another in a long list of self-celeb congratulatory made-for-T.V. moments, but there is no denying recent onstage fashions are of a whole different-dare we dream it-alternative bent these days? Sure, the original Material Girl and Rihanna have been known to show more than a little skin (Madonna at 56 isn’t shying away from revealing as much of herself as she can) but when we get Taylor Swift dressing so sexy, it’s either that we are one stretch closer to a couture apocalypse or what Dawnamatrix has been about for years is coming to pass…leather, latex, thigh high fishnets and corsets are damn sexy and the world is coming to realize it more and more.

Rihanna Gets Kinky With Alexander McQueen

The thing with alternative fashion is that, in the mainstream, it does rear its naughty head in loudest of ways. Recall all the controversy over Madonna posing and prancing in what was considered at the time ‘racy’ couture-mostly blindfolds, full black shiny catsuits and long gloves-(like these: in her videos for songs like “Human Nature” and “Exotica.” Often celebs lead the charge in what they wear or in their actions…did you hear that Dakota Johnson admitted to stealing her underwear from the set of Fifty Shades, it was so delicious? Or we get little hints of what could really be on a costumers’ or directors’ mind when they slip-in decidedly naughty accessories like a latex leopard cincher that even the most novice latex fashionista notices of.

Beyoncé & Topshop

Dawnamatrix supporter Beyoncé is not the only modern-day performer to partner with/create a fashion label or dabble in accessories. Less we forget Rihanna working with River Island, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes’ “Material Girl” selling at Macy’s; the list of pop and fashion working business models and creating brands together grows daily. In fact, it seems these days one isn’t a pop singer or famous personality without, at the very least, supporting or hawking for a couture label, creating a new collection with a fashion designer or developing a whole new brand.