Rihanna 4 Times The Grammy’s

We experienced quite the intake of clutched breath as Rihanna walked up on the Grammy’s stage with Kendrick Lamar, seemingly draped in a plum-colored latex outfit. On closer inspection (and reading about her wardrobe today post the show) we are all coming to learn that the superstar singer was sporting a patent-leather trench coat, gloves and floppy boots created by Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture.

The look was classic, super sexy and just this close to latex couture we will take it!

Deciding against walking down the outside red carpet, a runway event all its own for these shows, RiRi still managed that leather ensemble and three outfits for the 60th annual Grammy’s…even one prior to the show that got a lot of attention. All of Rihanna’s haute couture were equally unique and different from one another and eye-catching (but no, no latex in the bunch.)

Performing “Wild Thoughts,” the 29-year-old singer was dressed in orange and glitter, in a bespoke Adam Selman dress and tights. She accessorized for her performance here with a flower in her hair. At the end of the evening, post this performance, Rihanna came back to her seat in the audience wearing an Yves Saint Laurent mini and crop top. Deep purple eye shadow completed her look.

Then there was the fourth outfit that Rihanna showed off across Instagram but did not even wear to the Grammy’s. Here (see pic) she sports a white Dolce & Gabbana mini with equally white coat and train. It seems in the case of our very best and brightest, even what they do not wear to an awards show, makes the grade; this Instagram pic received millions of views.

Still, out of the four choices Rihanna managed for the Grammy’s, we really dug that latex-looking leather coat, boots and gloves from Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture. RiRi call us anytime, we can provide you with a jacket if you need one that not only looks like latex, but is latex.

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