Charles Guyette comin’ round again

In one of our blogs a while back (see here) we mentioned the alternate wardrobe styling-be they latex, lace, leather-photographic contributions by Charles Guyette. At the time author Richard Pérez Seves had just published a book on Guyette called Charles Guyette: Godfather of American Fetish Art and in it we learned how this NYC-based fetish stylist pioneer (at one time called the “The G-string King”) was responsible for influencing the work and art of John Willie, Irving Klaw and Bettie Page, to name but a few

It seems Mr. Seves is now publishing an expanded 2nd edition of his book for 2018.

The expanded edition boasts an additional 30 pictures to the book, and 26 additional pages. The book already had lots of wonderful photographs showing what Guyette could do with a corset and high heels, so these new pics are sure to prove marvelous. Richard Pérez Seves’ paints a loving portrait to a photographic innovator and alt. style guru who has pretty much passed uncredited all these years, certainly unknown by the public at large. With a Dita Von Teese Instagram promotion of the original book (see here) and the fact that Charles Guyette appears as a character in the recently released movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, it seems the time is right for the Charles Guyette: Godfather of American Fetish Art (2018 Expanded Second Edition).

The time is always right for us to appreciate anyone who contributed to the culture in such a unique, and shall we say, fashionable way. Surely what was considered fetish wardrobe way back when isn’t any longer and these days stylists as well as photographers are getting their due. But to be working in such specific costuming in the 40’s and 50’s, when one could get arrested (Guyette did indeed get arrested) for publishing photographs of women in these specific clothes, is a story all its own…and one that Seves tells, once again, in the 2nd edition of his book.

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