What Exactly Does Rihanna Want Us To Do With Our Butts?

Once again, Rihanna is making couture waves…and she’s not even sporting any latex. From her wildly successful Savage x Fenty line, the 33-year-old singer has opened up the latest round of online debate, some are even saying controversy, with her new “Butt-Baring Leggings.”

The presently widely-seen and commented-on leggings in question is a lavender color and sport a special cut-out section about halfway up from where one’s bottom would be when wearing the sports pants. (The leggings are crotch-less as well). The fierce comments across the net, for, against, and just curious, as much proclaimed “butt cleavage is sexy,” as “…these Fenty gym leggings are trashhhhhh,” as a “Who said these were gym leggings?”

As we have seen, RiRi’s line of lingerie is undeniably sexy. The tag line of her collection is that Savage celebrates “…fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity. We want you to feel sexy and have fun doing it.” A lady would find garters, stockings, and panties among the Savage offerings (many of which Rihanna has modeled in various online postings), as men would boxers and smoking jackets.

Of course, the lady known for hits “Stay,” and “The Monster,” is not the only celebrity to put her name to a wardrobe collection…and a sexy one at that. New mommy Emily Ratajkowksi just posted pictures of her modeling satin swimsuit pieces from her 3-year-old Inamorata line. Lori Harvey, with her Naked Wardrobe collection and Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear pieces, certainly bring confidence and style to ladies of all shapes and sizes. And the Gigi x Tommy collection (Gigi Hadid collaborating with Tommy Hilfiger features lots of comfy wear and sexy couture.

Indeed, these Savage x Fenty “Butt-Baring Leggings” won’t be the last of naughty, maybe even controversial wardrobe we see from Rihanna. In fact, her previously released “Bohemian Paisley Open-Back Legging” sports an even bigger back window.

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