Making The Scene With A Magazine: 2015’s Top Fashionable Covers

The Kardashian/Jenner corporation made plenty of waves in print, as well as on the net (or one because/feeding the other): there was Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on the cover of and in Vanity Fair and Kylie Jenner posing for those controversial wheelchair “Interview” mag pics…in a photoshoot that saw her posed as the famous Hatstand/Table and Chair sculpture, as much as wearing some Dawnamatrix fantasy outfit accessories.

Ruby Rose Lives The Fantasy Fashionista’s Edict

One can wear a hood or a sumptuous latex kimono and still feel the need to change-up, get into another piece of fetish wardrobe, accessorize. Akin to not being able to eat just one potato chip or considering that second tattoo, the thing with starting, adding to or bolstering a fantasy wardrobe is that one tends to want to add to that wardrobe again and again. A celeb of Ruby Rose’s stature or a Miley Cyrus (the reigning queen of award show change-ups) has the facility to keep changing during any one show or performance.

The Sunday That Was The 2015 VMAs

Coming in to the Microsoft Theater Miley wore an Atelier Versace ensemble of high silver boots, a jewel ‘panty’ and suspenders…and not much else. Later on throughout the show she sported various body suits, rainbow flowered sleeves and along with a bunch of drag queens supporting her on the expletive ridden performance of ““Dooo It!” Miley’s designer BCalla managed to create outfits that so seemingly resembling Di$count Univer$e’s threads that a controversy has been brewing all week over this supposed blatant rip off.

Miley Cyrus & Bondage Chic

Miley is a young woman seemingly hell bent on twerking her way to a Disney disconnect. We have all seen her consistent Instagram posts, her provocative (and very ‘stripped down’) videos and live performances, but this week the 21 year old singer sported a Tom Ford-designed creation of sheer top with crisscross sequin straps just covering her breasts and a long black skirt. Fashion fans and critics jumped on the look, describing the outfit as ‘bondage inspired’ (as if even any of us know what that means really) and Miley got tons of mileage from the pics of her at the event.
We have strategically strapped halters, revealing cleavage tops, and a goodly amount of sheer and transparent panels (see here , here and here) but we dare think that the fetish/kink/whatever-inspired seems to be is in the eye of the wearer when it comes to mainstream couture. Interestingly enough, at this same gala, fetish model queen Dita Von Teese was sporting a simple satin head-to-toe length satin gown with no hint of any alternative wardrob-ing. How’s that for fashion irony?