Vijat Mohindra, Miley Cyrus and A Good Cause

The cover picture of Miley Cyrus posing as the devil in a red latex bodysuit, sheer red tights, horn headpiece, tail and pitchfork should hint us into the delights that lie within “High Gloss: The Art of Vijat Mohindra.” This first monograph from the Hollywood photographer who counts as his clients Cyrus, Dojo Cat, Kim Kardashian West, Liam Hemsworth, and many more, as much includes photos here that made his name as well as new ones he shot just for this new book.

Born in Ohio, and raised in Chicago, Vijat moved to L.A. at the age of eighteen and lives there presently capturing celebrities. A former assistant of David La Chapelle, Vijat has placed his work in Paper magazine, Gay TimesAttitude, and Plastik. He mines what has been called an anti-vérité style of photography.

The proceeds from his new 256-page hardcover (200 of it, pictures) will be going towards Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation. This organization benefits the LGBTQ community, specifically focusing on homeless youth. And posing in an even more devilish way (albeit out of wardrobe), there is another picture Cyrus took for a new series of photos here, where she is posing naked in a coffin, strategically placed flowers around her and held in her hands.

Photographers finding their muse/models. Popular celebrities courting a certain stylist. Talented singers known to wear one designer exclusively. Designers, photographers, stylists often time gaining their own wildly incendiary popularity and rising to the level of fame their subjects enjoy, all this and more are the tropes of modern-day culture. And we can certainly applaud Cyrus for using a platform fueled by millennial fave, Vijat Mohindra for such a worthy cause as her charity.

Sometimes art, talent and culture do come together in some wonderful ways.

Even if they are slightly devilish…in red latex.

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