Gothic Image Relaunch 2020

Surely latex fashions, sexy gothic images, haute couture photography can be found all across the web, but all in one place? Gothic is the perfect spot to enjoy women wearing latex in gothic settings…and so much more. Andy, the photographer here and the site’s owner, has updated his portal every year (save one) from its inception and his relaunch for 2020 once again presents his unique vision.

Although a Chartered Electrical Engineer by profession, Andy goes way back in the alt. fashion scene, as explored in this The Fetishists article; go here to see the full two-page spread. Andy has been on the scene, publishing in magazines like “Skin Two,” attending the German Fetish Ball, Barbican, and the primo fetish/alt. shopping event Le Boutique Bazaar, to name just a few places he set his camera and talents over the years. In fact, as he relates to Tony at The Fetishists, an early article he wrote about the various colors available in latex couture caused Andy quite a bit of attention.

We feature quite a few presently; see here.

It really was when he married his interest in gothic structures and pre-Raphaelite images with comely models dressed in corsets, latex, lingerie, and more that Gothic Image was born.

Interested in always trying to make his photography better, Andy knew the best way to capture what he wanted was to set up a portable studio at events. His galleries—stretching back to every year he has updated Gothic Image—speak to the strength of his personal touch.

In the end, as Andy tells The Fetishists, he feels “more like project manager than a photographer; the pressing-the-button bit only occurs right at the end of the process.” And Andy has ‘pressed-the-button’ on such well-known scene models as Harlot Rouge, Mam’zelle Maz, Sinopa Rin, and has shot all over the world.

Go here to explore the relaunched Gothic Image. 

(We thank Andy for the use of the images here, all of which can be found on his site).

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