Aguilera, Cyrus, Vergara and Lipa: Couture Choices

Sometimes all you have to do is sit back, and the latex and alternate wardrobe news come to you. The daily postings we all see come across our various news feeds as much focuses these days on Corona Virus updates as celebrity gossip. And where there are celebrities, there are bound to be observations on what they are wearing.

This week seems to be so ripe so far, with some pre-Christmas goodies…

Celebrating her 40th birthday last Friday week, Christina Aguilera took to videoing herself in her home’s hallway, Megan Thee Stallion’s “Body” as a soundtrack. Showing off her curvy assets in a black and gold catsuit with matching heels, the singer flipped an extra-long platinum blonde pony as she managed a perfect, ageless strut.

A younger diva, Miley Cyrus, joined the NFL Network this week as part of its Artist Takeover Series. Declaring “Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” Miley posted both a short video clip and a picture in which she’s wearing a black ‘varsity-stye’ latex leotard, with a hot pink ‘96’ across the chest. She accessorizes with equally pink pompoms and over-the-knee latex boots sporting a chunky heel.

In an attempt at some self-promotion advertising, ex-“Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara enlisted the ladies of her family for her Walmart label “Sofia Jeans” campaign this week. While there’s nothing unusual in a celebrity shelling for a brand they created for a big box retailer, we did get treated to the always super-sexy Vergara wearing a pair of her jeans matched with a red lace bodysuit.

Lastly, there was the stunning sight and sounds from Dua Lipa who appeared on “Saturday Night Live” last Saturday, singing her new single “Levitating.” The dress she wore, from the Valentino Haute Couture 2020 collection, sported a ivory silk chiffon godet, and v-neckline. But what made the style (and lots of comments this week) was Lipa accessorizing with a supersized ostrich hat.

Four ladies giving forth on wildly different alt. fun and flirty couture. What more could any of us want for the end of such a crappy year? Here’s hoping for more wild wardrobe fun and a damn better 2021!

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