World of WearableArt “Up Close” Opens

As we have been reporting over the past few months, our winning latex creation Gemini: The Twins is featured in the new exhibition World of WearableArt Up Close at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. The exhibit opened this week, as the above picture shows.

From runway to magazine and commercials, movies, and video, we have always been open to show our wardrobe pieces and accessories pretty much anywhere. Through hard work, great clients, not a small amount of luck and perseverance, we have landed some fantastic gigs, been able to feature our latex couture, and network with some amazing folks.

Winning awards at the World of WearableArt competition three years in a row certainly was an honor and opened doors we didn’t even know existed. One of which is this new alternative fashion museum exhibition. And thrusting us on the world stage as WOW manages for the global array of artists it welcomes sets their honor to a whole different level for Dawnamatrix. 

As we have said plenty before, we just keep benefitting from our relationship with WOW. 

For most of us, the past year can just easily be erased from history. Talk about something going global; COVID-19 has affected us all! But with organizations like WOW continuing their excellent work, championing an industry, like so many others that are suffering in its way, and pushing forward with their recent call for next year’s competition, we do see the way forward as a bright and uniquely stylish one.

Assessing what we learn from the pandemic, there are sure to be wholly new designs surfing across the art world. And latex fashions, cosplay, leather wardrobes, fetish gear will survive the current hiccup in our history in their way. Once again, we thank the World of WearableArt for doing their unique and very best championing this survival.

Gemini: The Twins, Dawn Mostow & Ben Gould, USA
       Photo Credit: World of WearableArt Ltd

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