Counting Down 2021 with Violet Chachki

Really, latex loves everybody. And it’s clear that drag star Violet Chachki loves it back…as she does pretty much all alt. styles, as can be seen in her new 2021 special calendar.

Welcoming what we all hope is a damn sight better year than the last, the drag queen star presents herself in vintage, pinup couture across the twelve months of the upcoming New Year. With a clear nod to the iconic work of Bettie Page and a certain 70’s and 80’s sensibility, Chachki shot this calendar in a Palm Springs hotel over the summer. She has not revealed the location but did say that the hotel boasts a bunch of themed rooms that she exploited to maximum effect.

In those themed California hotel rooms, she created a sure mood for each month; getting ‘spooky’ for Halloween, romantic for February, etc. For June, the month Chachki was born, she invoked the spirit of Barbarella in campy space cosplay.

Born, Paul Jason Dardo, Violet Chachki combines “strip tease, aerial acrobatics and fetish aesthetics, while distorting the gender binary.” She won the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, truly empowering her brand across the mainstream, and this 2021 calendar marks Chacki’s fourth. Her last, done in 2019, was shot by the legendary Ellen von Unwerth.

A self-described fashion hoarder, Chacki claims creating the calendar allows her to put her wardrobe pieces in some sort of order, with this year’s quarantining seeing her with lots of stuff she felt needing to be worn. In addition to the one-off bespoke pieces she wears for 2021, Chachki also wore vintage ensembles for her calendar’s photographs, pulling lots of these pieces from the racks of L.A.’s private rental collection of rare costumes, The Last Follies Closet.

Violet Chachki’s 2021 Calendar can be ordered here.

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