Getting Into The Ring With Scarlett Bordeaux

Modern wrestling surely benefits from latex couture. As even the most casual fan of the popular sport will attest, wrestlers these days have lots more going on with their costuming than just tight shorts. Color, sexy cuts, capes, fantastic accessories as much pay homage to the sport’s long history as set standards for the uniqueness of today’s fantastic array of characters. We are happy to report the supremely popular WWE NXT star Scarlett Bordeaux just appearing in our Spiked Bodysuit.

As of this week, both Karrion Kross and Scarlett were back in their domain. For the uninitiated, both haven’t been seen on the program since the end of summer when Kross was forced off the NXT Championship due to an injury. But this week, ‘Angel of Doom’ Scarlett came strutting into the ring silently staring down Finn Bálor who was throwing down a challenge to her boyfriend. Her white frosted curls swirled around her head like a Medusa, as the lady accessorized her Dawnamatrix latex bodysuit with lace-up boots and gloves in an astoundingly sexy effect.

With her fantastically unnerving stare, the lady said enough to put even the most trash-talking wrestler off. See the action here.

Damian Priest then called out Scarlett as she began to leave. Calling her “Smoke Show,” he asked if Kross waits in the car while Scarlett “Handles his business.” He, too, threw a challenge for Kross to appear. As fans were salivating over would could happen, and Priest was coming to the ring to face Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano, later in the program, guess who was waiting for him?

Karrion Kross had his way with Priest, then walked to the parking lot and got into his car, where Scarlett was waiting.

Scarlett & Karrion speed away

Like it or not, one has to agree there is nothing quite like pro wrestling’s particular drama. And seeing a piece of our latex wardrobe on Scarlett Bordeaux this week, there is nothing like outfitting a beautiful buff wresting star.

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