Latex: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Whether buying bespoke latex pieces from us or scrolling across an Etsy page, when you shop for a latex wardrobe or accessory, you really are shopping for textile artistry at its finest. Most designers I have met, sheet latex makers who ‘make’ for us, stylists that call Dawnamatrix for pieces, pretty much everyone who works with our sartorial sensibilities does so because they love the feel of what is, to us all, the sexiest material. And at this most assuredly unusual holiday season, can you think of a better gift to give someone?

For the cosplayer, fetish fan, alternative fashionista, latex is something not to do without. From full-length catsuits to lingerie to accessories like masks and gloves, those conversant in latex style pick the material time and again for expression, as well as comfort…and not a small amount of fantasy. And all look so good wearing it.

Latex trousers

For the novice, the guy or girl looking to spark their Halloween dress-up, or first-timers viewing an alt. fashion show who feel a jolt of interest, most designers have what tickles them. Wanting to try on a latex dress, stepping into a pair of latex tights for the first time, or feeling the clutch, hold, and heat of a pair of panties is a heady thing, for sure. But there is a vast wonderful community out there ready to help, advise and champion the newbie…whomever that newbie might be.

Really, any time is a good time for wearing, buying, ‘gifting’ latex (yes, it’s our job to say this, but we really do feel this way). With the mainstream coming to our side more and more each year, popular videos featuring every style imaginable, and not just latex, and the proliferation of designers and latex websites (and as we always say, competition just makes us all the better in the end) latex is here for all to enjoy…and give for the holidays ahead.

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