Ageless In Latex

Another two examples of more mature celebrities wearing latex couture this week prove what we always say about latex….it is for any person, of any age. Fifty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Hurley cavorted for an Instagram photo shoot promoting her new film Strictly Confidential, an “erotic-thriller,” directed by her son Damian. Wearing a lace black top, but most notably a shiny red latex skirt, …


Halloween Costumes, 2022

Making the just-dropped Pinterest top ten, couture seen on singer Avril Lavigne is showing an uptick, making the #7 spot in popularity.

Rihanna Gets Savage And Sexy Again

Queen Rih wore quite a few outfits during the span of the show. From opening the evening in a black bra, thong, and yes, those fishnets to later wearing a purple lace bodysuit with thigh-high boots and a matching boa.


Sure, we get our fix catching the latest “dropped” video, or spying some newly posted Instagram post, but most of us alt. fashionistas are surely missing the usual summer spate of fantastic movies and their stunning array of cool costumes and latex wear. Alas, COVID-19 has shaken the snow globe on our lives in so …


Doom Patrol Season 2…and Dawnamatrix

Cosplay, latex accessories, and a sure sense of the fantastic, all this and more; fans of comics, science fiction, and the all-out bizarre have been treated to quite the array of fantastic haute couture in the last decade. One of our newer favorites of the genre, is DC’s Doom Patrol and a trailer for the series’ …


Stepping Into The Haus Of Gaga, Las Vegas

A few blogs back, we bragged about contributing some latex accessories (gloves to be exact) to a Lady Gaga Haus Of Gaga video campaign. Well, just recently, we had occasion to stop in the Hause Of Gaga store at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. Lady Gaga’s “Enigma” residency shares the Park MGM’s Park Theatre with Aerosmith’s …



Reading this blog as you are right now, you may have noticed some changes to our latex designs. Well, not specifically to our wardrobe choices, although we are ever adding and updating the Dawamatrix catalog, but to our website. We recently underwent an overhaul of our online presence and feel we are now showing off …


Dawnamatrix Accessorizes Urban/BOHO PUFF Shoot

For us, latex accessories are as important as the shirts, catsuits and full wardrobe pieces we make. The two pictures here feature our latex gloves and our Premium Thigh Highs married with fabric garments shot for a urban/Boho shoot ‘PUFF,’ done locally.

Jade Vixen & Dawnamatrix

Let’s face it; some folks have ‘it.’ An indefinable quality that draws eye and attention, captivates an intimate party gathering or stills a big audience, transcends media, place or time. Charisma, sex appeal, just an unstoppable joie de vivre, call it what you will. We’re happy that a model like Jade Vixen conveys her unique vision of life, her very sparkling essence in the work she does…and especially in the work she does for the Dawnamtrix brand.