Stepping Into The Wilde World Of Latex Accessories

As she is a filmmaker and actress, this week, Olivia Wilde can add A-list latex accessory wearer to her resume. Attending the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Art+Film Gala, Wilde walked the red carpet in a low-cut sequined gown and red latex opera gloves.

Once again, we are all reminded of the importance of just the right accessory…made from just the right textile.

It would be impossible to figure just how many full latex outfits we have sold against how many gloves, masks, stockings—accessories in general—people have scored from our catalog. Or how many orders we get from people asking for both? If you caught actress Anya Taylor-Joy this week, attending the London premiere of her new film, “The Menu,” she was as much wearing a bright blue latex dress as, yes, you guessed it, accessorizing with the same color blue latex gloves.

Then there are the stylists who contact us for video shoots, streaming shows, movies, for their client’s live on-stage needs or campaigns. (You might recall us contributing gloves to a Lady Gaga Haus Of Gaga video campaign?)

Again, we as much see full latex outfits going out for these calls as sometimes just a lot of latex leggings. Or both full latex outfits and the accessories to go with them.

It runs the gambit.

As you will see, even with a cursory look across our accessories page, we sell wristlets, handbags, hoods, collars, and even a nun’s wimple, in addition to scores of gloves, leggings, and just about any other latex accessory you can name.  

The wonderful aspect of latex couture is that there is just so much to choose from. And the styles can range from the functional to the singularly sexy to downright fetish. And we haven’t even brushed the subject of shoes! Boy, can this be a deep dive into styles; sexy, functional, and truly alternative.

There really is no limit to what you might encounter and create when you accessorize.

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