Stepping Into The Haus Of Gaga, Las Vegas

A few blogs back, we bragged about contributing some latex accessories (gloves to be exact) to a Lady Gaga Haus Of Gaga video campaign. Well, just recently, we had occasion to stop in the Hause Of Gaga store at the Park MGM in Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga’s “Enigma” residency shares the Park MGM’s Park Theatre with Aerosmith’s residency “Deuces Are Wild” and Cher’s show (Gaga also performers shows called “Jazz & Piano” in the same space). These three legendary music makers fill the over five-thousand seat Theatre for the full year that features a 140-wide stage, 240 feet projection surfaces, and the latest from a THX sound system. As anyone who has seen a Vegas residency shows can attest, the performances are a singular experience of light, sound, and mayhem. When a crew isn’t breaking down a show each night to hastily prepare for another concert in yet another venue, the performance options can be explored to the extreme.

Gaga also takes advantage of her alternate costume couture, beyond the stage, welcoming fans to actually step into her Haus of Gaga, which is a stand-alone store sitting right outside the Park Theatre’s casino entrance. As much gallery space as a store, here one can gaze upon a myriad of Gaga’s past costumes (inside the one-room store as much as down a hallway outside of it), buy a T-shirt and enjoy videos playing continuously on the many monitors paces around. It is an impressive display of what this unique entertainer has worn over the years and what she is presently selling. 

Las Vegas, a costume store/gallery, Lady Gaga, all seem to fit together as snuggly as a pair of latex wristlets. It’s wonderful to have contributed in our small way to Haus Of Gaga and to finally get to walk into it. May the lady reign in Sin City for a very long time.

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