Happy Latex Halloween

Searching far and wide for the very best celebrity latex Halloween costumes (or even just what they might have accessorized with) is always such a treat. In our last blog, we reported on Heidi Klum’s upcoming 2019 All Hallow’s creation. Through 12 hours of a public transformation, the 46-year-old supermodel revealed herself finally as a steampunk-meets-Alien-meets-a-cyborg Frankenstein. But beyond all things Klum, we went a’searching, and found lots of latex and some fun other textile art material making perfect costumes for those who love to show off the most.

Another supermodel, Ashley Graham, managed to go trick or treating as Jessica Rabbit (something Heidi Klum actually dressed as years ago). Wiggling her curves and baby-bump into a tight red latex dress, Ashley recreated the sexy “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way cartoon,” in all her glory. Halsey wore a putty-colored one-piece skin-tight latex bodysuit dressing like Marilyn Manson from his startling (and frightening) Mechanical Animal’s album cover. And Duckie Thot, attending Klum’s bash, sported head-to-toe black latex, sporting rings around almost every inch of the ensemble. And although not dressed in latex, Mariah Carey was at the same party, dressed in a black leather bodysuit, boots, and a blond wing, wearing a guitar around herself acting the quintessential 80’s rock star. 

At another party, Cardi B in a sported a red-stripe white sexy nurse latex dress. Not that anyone would be surprised Cardi B wouldn’t set the bar high when it comes to a naughty latex Halloween outfit.

“Across the pond” as they say, singer Ella Henderson sported one of the most delicious latex combinations we saw. In her “devil wear latex” ensemble Performing at the KISS Haunted Party, Henderson stepped out in “devil wear latex” ensemble, of black latex bodysuit, black boots, and startling colorful orange latex trench.

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