Reading this blog as you are right now, you may have noticed some changes to our latex designs. Well, not specifically to our wardrobe choices, although we are ever adding and updating the Dawamatrix catalog, but to our website. We recently underwent an overhaul of our online presence and feel we are now showing off the best Dawnamatrix Design web portal we ever have.

When it comes to one’s Internet presence, be one an alternative fashion designer or a dentist, one needs to have, at the very least, a net presence that’s up-to-date, easy to access, and reflects one’s abilities. In our case, a good percentage of our visitors, bespoke latex customers, fans, and friends alike, only ever come in contact with us via our website. We realized very early on that we needed to have an easy-to-access few pages, where visitors could flip through our catalog at their own pace to clearly experience all we had to offer. And for us, especially that ability to ‘see’ our wardrobe choices, costumes, latex accessories, and the many outfits we make was most important; the visual component to what we present always needs be very compelling. 

As you see here, we have worked hard, especially on our photography, as well as our layout to present a clean and modern look in this update.

This time around, we were also concerned with how the site loaded and appeared to users coming to us via their phone or other mobile devices. More and more, we are all ‘going on’ via our phones, on-the-go, far and away from a desktop or laptop. As much as we knew the site had to look good on a big computer monitor or laptop screen, we knew it had to be readily accessible for all the flipping, scrolling, and clicking one does when accessing sites in their hand.

Under our Custom Latex Fashion banner at the top of the site, we have our SHOP, GALLERIES, BLOG, ABOUT, and CONTACT sections. Scroll down, and you will find a button to take you to the many pages of our shop, a “Dawnamatrix In The Press,” section, a spot on the WOW competition, a section for this blog you are presently reading and a “Made-To-Measure Custom Latex Designs” area. 

We’ve included everything we feel is important for our visitors to see in the very best way to see it.

We hope you enjoy the new Dawnamatrix Designs site. Write us and let us know your thoughts, but please know that without you, we could never have come this far. We thank you as much for your continued support of us, specifically as of the latex world in general. 

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