Rihanna Gets Savage And Sexy Again

Lots of sexy lingerie, celebrity performances, controversy, latex accessories, and it was all streaming across Amazon…what else could one ask for in a fashion show in these new normal times? Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Volume 2 Show engendered all the appropriate social media brouhaha this past week, and by all accounts, she came out a winner. Even in the face of some sure backlash.

Across various stages and runways, taking full advantage of more assured in-studio performance possibilities, RiRi called on famous faces, voices, and bodies. Everyone from Lizzo to Bella Hadid, to Cara Delevingne, Rosalía, Paris Hilton appeared to dance, model, strut, and sing in some fashion or another.

Rosalía performed wearing high-waisted shorts, a group of bare-chested male dancers flanking her. Normani wore a sexy white wedding-night lingerie set of garter, latex stockings and long gloves, panties, bra, and veil. Jazzelle Zanaughtti presented as much of herself as possible in a blue lingerie ensemble that bared her chest and saw her wearing latex stockings, long gloves, and pasties. Lizzo wore the other popular wardrobe piece of the night, fishnets, sporting a bright blue pair while Paris Hilton was in pink.

Queen Rih wore quite a few outfits during the span of the show. From opening the evening in a black bra, thong, and yes, those fishnets to later wearing a purple lace bodysuit with thigh-high boots and a matching boa.

Of that controversy, it seems models were dancing to a song that included a sample of someone reading the Hadith. The Hadith is a holy ‘narrative’ from the Prophet Mohammad, deeply revered by the Muslim community. Rihanna issued an apology to the Muslim community for using this small piece of the sacred Islamic verse.

She said, in part, “I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our project was completely irresponsible! Moving forward we will make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding.”

Savage X Fenty is being sold on the brand’s website and at Amazon Fashion. 

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